7 Day Challenge – This Is Harder Than You Think!

I have a simple 7-day challenge for you to try!  This is harder than you think!

We hear about various challenges on the internet all the time.  There is every kind of challenge you can imagine. These challenges range anywhere from the silly, short-sighted kind: The cinnamon challenge or the pepperoncini challenge.  To the health wise, more serious type:  The 30-day squat challenge, 30-day plank challenge, 30-day six-pack abs challenge and so on.  It seems like every other day there is a new challenge posted somewhere.

I understand the concept.  The silly challenges like the cinnamon challenge is just that, silly.  You put a tablespoon of cinnamon in your mouth and try to swallow it.  Good luck with that, yuck.

On the more serious side, like the 30-day squat challenge, the concept is easy to understand: A person is more likely to commit and complete a program of change if they are faced with it as a challenge instead of just something they should do.  It’s that competitive side of human nature taking us to the next step to meet that challenge, and better ourselves.  The squat challenge will produce a noticeable difference in your legs once 30 days have been completed.

There’s one challenge I would like to see.  I haven’t come across anything like it yet; a challenge that makes the one challenged admit to an obsession and conquer it! The 7-day Leave Your Phone In The Car Challenge.

This challenge would require the challenged to leave their cell phone in the car anytime they are out with someone else.  Simple, right?  Wrong!  People are so attached to their cell phones even this small challenge will be huge!  I had originally thought:  The challenged must leave their phone at home.  But this seemed like overkill and cell phones do provide a link to family, or loved ones, that may need to make contact in an emergency, so leaving it in the car is reasonable.

The point is, for example: Have you ever been out to dinner with some and they have their cell phone out either on the table, or in their hand?  What they are basically telling their dinner companion is, “I am so bored with you, I have my phone here on the table, at the ready, just in case someone more interesting calls I won’t miss out on their fun.”  Nice.

I leave my phone in the car every time I go out with someone. Whether I’m shopping for groceries with one of my kids, or having lunch with a friend, I leave my cell phone in the car.  One time, recently, I went to the grocery store with a neighbor friend.  When we arrived at the store I got out of the car.  My friend stepped out of the car as well then pointed out to me, “You forgot your phone.”  I said, “I didn’t forget my phone. I am with who I want to be with right now, you.  I don’t want anyone interrupting us.”  I could see by the expression on his face he was shocked, and truly felt that I cared about our time together as friends.  As we walked into the market I turned to him and said, “If I wanted to be here with someone else IE: my phone, then I would, but I don’t.  I brought you because I wanted to hang out with you, not whomever may text or call my phone!”

So, there’s my challenge to you.  For one week, 7 days, every time you are with someone shopping, eating, whatever, leave your phone in the car.  If there is an emergency it will still be there when you are done fifteen minutes, or maybe thirty minutes later.  It won’t make enough difference to matter.  Show that person you are with that you want to be there with them by leaving your phone behind.  See how it affects your relationships.  I bet you’ll see a positive change and you might just become a little bit closer to another human being!

Originally posted 2018-04-19 22:00:28.