A CBD Remedy Review

I try to take a holistic path concerning my health. If I can avoid pain killers I will, but my pains were becoming unbearable and pain pills were my only hope.

I have a multitude of problems with my spine starting with a herniated disc, slipped discs and narrowing, yada, yada, yada. My spine is ruined and it hurts like hell! I would take a minimum of pain killers. They always make me fall asleep so what good is that?

After my 50th birthday the pain got worse! Now I would get a “zap” in my spine that was unbelievably painful. It didn’t matter what I was doing, a “zap” would hit me where ever I was, whatever I was doing, and I would fall to the ground. It would take ten to fifteen minutes to recover from a “zap” so I could get up and walk. I was becoming depressed. I thought I’d never make it to 60 years old like this. I really believed that. I was in so much constant pain, and these “zaps” crippling me in public sometimes, it was not a life worth living for me. I lived in constant fear of when the next “zap” would hit me, it was all bad.

I had to see my doctor. I was hopeless, hurting, and needed a light in my tunnel. My doctor advised me that the only band aid for the pain was going to be a Cortisone injection….in my spine! This would not guarantee the “zaps” would stop.

First off, Cortisone is naturally produced by your body, it’s a steroid hormone. In large doses it suppresses inflammatory and allergic responses in your body. As a second, Cortisone suppresses your body’s immune response as well. So, if you have an infection, acquire an infection, or come into contact with someone with the measels or chicken pox, you can get it and it can be deadly because you have no immune response due to the Cortisone, which also, by the way, can mask symptoms of an infection in your body.

Then, the list of common side effects of Cortisone, includes everything from confusion to heavy sweating and agitation! I couldn’t do it. I was in distress because the only available treatment sounded almost as bad as the pain I had in the first place!

The day after seeing my doctor I was at my part-time job when I was “zapped”. I hit the floor and couldn’t get up. My client was beside herself with concern because I couldn’t get up. Then she said, “Hold on a minute.” and she trotted off and returned in a few minutes. She asked me if she could apply a CBD product on the back of my hand. I was game, I wasn’t going anywhere quick so why not! She explained CBD’s natural properties, and how it was made and its content, as she applied it to the back of my hand.

Literally, within minutes of licking it off the back of my hand, I was able to get up and walk! I was thrilled because I could get up! And the pain continued to subside. I drove home and was able to step right out of my car without a “zap” of pain!

My usual pain level has always been a 6 out of 10 constantly. Everyday, day in and day out, I was at a level 6 in pain. I’ve used the CBD creme for about a week now. My usual, everyday pain, has dropped to a 3 out of 10 and, I am not kidding you, I actually had a day with no pain all day!

I feel like my life has been handed back to me! Such a simple product, natural, holistic, product has changed my life! You can get samples to give it a try for yourself. Clicking the picture below will take you to my personal distributor.

Originally posted 2020-02-02 05:58:22.