Advertising Lies! This is BS!

I’ve had enough of these advertising lies! This is a bunch of BS and I’ve had enough! Are any of you all seeing these pricing lies? You go to a website, type in what you’re looking for and the results page puts up a list of the product you’re looking for. Okay, that’s all good, but then when you click on the one you like according to your needs and the price looks good, suddenly the price changes!! The price is higher and sometimes the price is significantly higher!

These I just came across today. So, here we have an outdoor shade.

It’s listed as from $39.97 to $114.00. Good deal I think to myself, I click on it…

Where did the $39.97 go?? It was there a minute ago, but now it’s gone!!

Here’s another one, just came upon today…

Oooh, 25% off. Nice. Only $89.99. I’ll buy that…

BAM! I click on it and the $89.99 disappears! The ad is still there but the price is gone! It’s replaced with a bunch of different water heaters at over $200!! Where’s the $89 one that I wanted!!

I am soooo irritated with this new “clever” little trick these companies are playing that I don’t want to make purchases anymore online. I’d rather go into the store where I can grab the sales clerk and drag her to the item and say, “Look here, the price says this. The item rang up as this. Bull! I’m paying what you put up on the shelf here!”

Advertisers look!! This is wrong. Consumers are not stupid! You may get away with this once in a while but in the long run you’re going to screw yourself with disgruntled consumers like me!! Knock it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted 2019-01-28 00:33:15.