Affiliate Marketing And You

Let’s look at affiliate marketing and you today. For some people the concept of marketing is foreign. Most people understand that marketing involves getting a brand, or a brand name, out there to the public, but that is all they understand. Add the word affiliate to marketing and now we’re talking about a whole other planet. You cannot be that person that doesn’t understand marketing completely and thoroughly if you want to make it in the affiliate marketing business.

If you’re not understanding what marketing, especially affiliate marketing, is all about, you may very well fail to achieve your goal of a passive income. Many internet startup affiliates fail simply because of this fact. With affiliate marketing you have a handful of topics you really need to touch base with to get a good understanding of it before throwing yourself into the game. Start from the start and pay attention to the following:

  • The first thing you need to come up with, and complete, is discovering your niche. Give yourself time to decide what it will be. Throw it around in your head for a couple of days. Say it out loud a few times to hear how it sounds. Are you comfortable hearing, “I specialize in ……. and I’m an affiliate marketer of …… products.” Is this something you can say out loud and feel great about it? If your embarrassed saying it, or it doesn’t invigorate you, choose something else that does.
  • Now that you have decided on a niche, make a list of how you plan to promote it. IE: Google ads, Yahoo ads, FB ads, etc. There are many platforms to promote your niche on besides the ones I just mentioned. There’s email advertising, launching your own website and advertising on it, and more. Do some research on the subject. Make a list of what you can afford to do, and which you decide to do.
  • If you have your own website what are you going to put on it advertising wise? If you don’t have your own website, who are you going to use to place your product or ads? There are several sites where you can build a website, but you will be restricted what you are allowed to put on your page on their website. If you own your own website, which I do, you can put whatever you wish on it. Your the boss!

[Side note: I use Siteground for hosting my websites. I have used other hosting sites, but nobody comes close to comparing with Siteground. When I was new at all this marketing and advertising and setting up a website, I became overwhelmed. Right when I was so tired of trying and wanted to throw my laptop out the window, Siteground came to my rescue! They saved my innocent laptop from certain dysfunction!]

The Siteground support chat is easy to find! When I was hosted by another hosting service the frustration I would feel just trying to launch my website then I could’t find assistance to help me get it done was infuriating! My website launch was set-back too many times. I was very pleasantly surprised to find Sitegrounds chat icon easy to find, easy to navigate and someone came on the chat within a minute! And not an auto-babe, a real person! Siteground also has a administrator area that is a programmers dream. Apps galore! Direct editing and all kinds of good stuff!

I had been stressing lately over the fact my websites were not SSL protected. I don’t take payments through my website, but still, people don’t like buying OR browsing on an unsecure site. The last time I looked (back when I was with another server) the cost for SSL security was more than the yearly website cost, a lot more. Reluctantly I signed into my Siteground to see how much they were going to charge me for the security. Get this, IT IS FREE! I am not kidding at all! I hooked up a chat with them and he confirmed it was free and all my sites were https:// within minutes! That right there was huge for me and it should be for you too. Security is important.

I picked up this for my readers! $3.95 Not Bad My Friend!

Web Hosting

Okay, enough about my adoration of Siteground. Back to you and your affiliate marketing.

Do It!

I began writing on a website until I felt I was proficient in English. Then, when I was confident writing clear, correct copy, I launched my own website.

The language you address for your website, whether yours, or rented space on some other site, you need to have impeccable grammar or forget it. Nobody listens to a dummy. Poor grammar says exactly that. Do YOU feel confident with a website where words are misspelled, punctuation is wrong and content is worded in an odd way? I don’t think so.

Make sure you are ready to take the next step. It can be really upsetting to jump into affiliate marketing, when your not ready IE: English language poorly written, sentence structure funky, etc. and people are bouncing off of your page as soon as they read the first funky sentence. They rarely come back once they leave.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

There’s so much about SEO it sounds confusing. It isn’t. What it is all about is:

  • Search engines have certain parameters they follow. Obviously. They are programmed to seek out certain things on websites.
  • SEO just means, target those parameters that search engines use and exploit them as best you can without being obvious. If you obvious some search engines will stop crawling your site.
  • Yes, learn SEO, in other words learn what the search engine parameters are. Don’t make too big a deal out of it. Your content is more important than exploiting SEO.

Researching SEO and learning all you can about marketing will only be a bonus for you in your quest to be an affiliate marketer.

17 Software Bots

There is a new program that offers 17 Software Bots. It’s a little more advanced . I wouldn’t recommend it for a newbie due to the complexity of it. The 17 software bots include:

  • The latest product launches.
  • Clickbank reports on top products.
  • JVZoo top 100 products.
  • An IM affiliate bot.
  • A hosting affiliate bot.
  • A Christmas affiliate bot.
  • Warriorplus
  • Offers on Flippa
  • An auto mass mailer
  • …..and training videos

That’s some heavy hitting. For an affiliate looking to hit the bank this 17 Bot Software is the program you would be interested in.


Have you heard of a Funnel or Sales Funnel? It’s becoming one of the popular topics in the marketing arena. It’s a method, or rather a series of steps to push sales. A guided step system to appropriate the most sales. This video can show you much better than I can explain it because I’m just getting into it myself.


The best advise I can give you would be: Take your time with choosing your niche. Do your homework. Research the topic in Google search, Yahoo and anywhere else that you can see traffic results. You don’t want to get into a niche that is saturated with people, right? Look for something off the main drag if you know what I mean. For example: If Main Street is over-crowded but you like Main Street and want to promote Main Street, choose one of the side streets OFF of Main Street where nobody else is at, or few people are at. Your still right near the niche you want (Main Street) but your not crammed in between big business like Amazon and eBay, your down a side street named Affiliate Success Way!

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