Are Your Posts Catching Their Attention?

Are your posts catching their attention? You have your website set-up so that when you create a post it is immediately sent out to your subscribers, right?  When the email arrives at their email box does it catch their eye?  This is more important than what is actually in the post!

If you’re anything like me, I have four email accounts.  When one email account starts receiving a ridiculous amount of junk mail I created a new one.  I also have an email just for family and friends.  That email has also begun to get junk mail.  At every turn your email is sold, shared or submitted to some junk mail publisher.  It seems like for every email I un-subscribe from, three new ones start-up!

Occasionally I have to open up each of my email accounts to go through all the email looking for anything that might be important.  I breeze through the list fast.  What I actually do is; at the top of each email page I click the select all button.  This puts a check mark in every email on that page.  Then I grab the scroll bar with my mouse and scroll down the page quickly, looking for familiar names and important subject matter. When I see one that catches my eye, I un-check the box next to it.  I do this until I reach the bottom of the page, then I go back to the top and click delete.  Everything is put into the trash accept the boxes I unchecked.  This is a common method for people to check their email address’ that have huge amounts of junk mail.  There is also a search filter some people use to weed out important mail.  But they still have to go through each email page to check if there is something they need.

This is where your post announcements come in.  Your post announcements must be titled in a fashion that will catch that scroll down the page before the delete button is hit.  Once the person has finished scrolling the page, if your post isn’t one of the emails un-checked, it goes to the trash, never to be read.  So you want yours to stand out, to catch their attention as something they should read, encouraging the un-check!

Let me show you what I’m talking about.  These next photo’s are form one of my email amounts.  I’ve blotted out a couple of emails that were family. Otherwise take a look at how many email are in this box! And this is just one of  several email accounts!:

Like I mentioned above, here’s the first box I go for:

After I check the select all box I will scroll through the page.  Who are these people?

Some of them address me by my first name as if we are buddies! I don’t know them, I don’t want email from them! Stop acting like we are friends!

Imagine this is your inbox and your scrolling down the page quickly, looking for what might actually be a relevant email.  Which one’s might make you stop and check the subject area?

These two caught my eye enough to make me slow down and check the subject area to see if it was something I wanted to un-check.

After taking a closer look, the first one is obviously junk, indicated by the weird characters at the beginning of the sentence. And the same thing with the second one that made me pause. No email that I want to keep ever has weird characters at the beginning of the sentence, or really, anywhere in the sentence.  But it did make me slow down and check!  If the characters in the subject area were apostrophe’s, or quotation marks, it may be from someone I know.  If it was a blog I’m following, it made me slow down enough to check if the subject was something I wanted to read.

What catches your eye enough to make you stop and check into the email title and subject further?  That’s your ticket!  Whatever you can do to make your email stand out enough so the person going through their mail will pauses to check into it further, even if it is just to read the subject area, you’ve grabbed their attention, and that’s what you need.

Try to avoid pointless characters like // or %^ or @*, etc.  They are pointless characters to catch attention (yes, that;s what you want, but) but consumers are quickly realizing that is what they are and they don’t bother to even slow down for weird characters anymore.

Using a person’s name catches their attention.  But if they did not subscribe to your page, then using their first name may just slow them down long enough to open your email and un-subscribe officially from anymore emails! That is not the attention you want!

Capitals, but not too many work well catching attention.  Don’t go all caps because then it looks like an emergency and that can get you the same attention as using a first name inappropriately.

From my personal experience I have found that using proper English and correct spelling is of the utmost importance, followed by a tasteful combination of capitals and bold.  Capitalize the sentence appropriately and then capitalize and bold the main subject of the sentence, the point you’re trying to get across, is a very good attention getter, and not the bad kind of attention.  It catches the eye, but isn’t irritating.  The capital/bold word says what you need the reader to know, and they can easily un-check it or move on.  Rarely will this method end in an unsubscribe.  I know, I’ve had un-subscribes. They were nice enough to answer why they un-subscribed, too loud of titles. They became irritating enough that the reader did stop and read….long enough to find the un-subscribe button!

I decided to subscribe to my websites myself.  I wanted to see what it was like on my subscribers side of it.  I began getting the emails, they were a bit irritating.  I changed font styles, bold, caps and such until I found what caught my attention, yet wasn’t irritating.  Now, the only email sent out is when I write a post, and the title and subject are friendly, eye-catching and straight to the point of what the post is I wrote. I’m not irritating the very people I want to keep!

My last tip on email, don’t sell, or give away your subscribers! When I find out a company or blogger sold, or gave away my email, I immediately go to their page and block them.  I never go back.  It’s underhanded to some people like me, and I don’t recommend it.

Good luck with your work!

Originally posted 2018-03-11 20:41:18.