Back Pain Relief – Unbelievable CBD

I want to share this more in depth, unbelievable, experience I have recently experienced with my back pain. I am a huge skeptic when it comes to miracle cures. The internet is laden with all kinds of miracle cures for everything from in-grown toenails to weight loss. I don’t even bother reading about any of the miracle cures available online because they are a bunch of bull and a waste of my time.

Now, here I am, living what I consider a miracle, and writing about it online. I sound like a hypocrite, right? The difference is that I experienced this miracle. You can email me and I’ll tell you all about it. This really happened to me.

How often do you fall for one of those miracle cures advertised online? They are just a front to take your money in any way they can. That is the difference between those stories and mine. I don’t want anything from you! I’m sharing my experience and the source of my experience. I want to think that sharing my experience will help someone else living in pain.

I am disabled. A few years ago I was at work and suddenly experienced such pain in my hip that I couldn’t walk. Standing in the middle of the lunch room, in tears, I asked my supervisor if I could go home. Of course she said I could. I stood there until I could begin to shuffle my legs out the door and to my car. I didn’t go home though. I went straight to the Emergency room.

After two MRI’s of my hip region, a rotation in physical therapy and a lot of pain killers, my physical therapist discovered the problem. It was my back. The pain was manifesting in my hip, but it was rooted in my back, my spine.

Another MRI, of my lower spine this time, revealed many problems. Herniation, slipped discs, narrowing, etc. in the L5 – L4 area. Many of the problems would only increase over time. I couldn’t go back to my regular job. I ended up on disability and pain killers.

I don’t like taking medication regularly, especially pain killers. To curb my pain killer intake I used a TENS machine (I don’t know if this machine is more of a psychological fix or really helping, but who cares, it helped), I used natural back relief remedies and medicines.

As I progressed in age, so did my level of pain in my back, as was expected. I was becoming depressed with living in constant, everyday, pain. To make matters worse a new experience started up. What I call The Zap!

It just started one day. I had my level 6 – 7 out of 10 pain going on that I lived with daily, when a pain zapped my back so hard and so fast my legs fell away and I landed on the counter with my forearms! It took several minutes for the weird feeling in the front of my legs to subside so I could stand again. This “zap” became a regular part of my daily routine after that day. It was horrible.

I became a recluse, staying in bed with my pain in fear of the zap hitting me. The pain was mounting as well. My 6 – 7 pain level was an 8 and sometimes 9 now. The zap would shoot it up to a 150 out of 10! I was well aware that my daily pain level was rising because I wasn’t exercising anymore. Believe it or not, walking was a great reducer of my back pain. Walking had kept it at a 6 – 7. Now I was at an 8 and sometimes a tearful 9. I had a couple of Emergency room visits for those days it was a 9.

I was feeling completely hopeless. Constant pain, horrible zaps, life in bed most of the time. I was becoming so depressed my doctor wanted to prescribe anti-depressants. I didn’t want to add another pill to my pill party. Instead he ordered a Cortisone shot for my spine. I soooooo did not want to have this shot. I know the good and the bad sides of Cortisone, but what else could I do? Either slowly dissolve into a bedridden mess or get this unwanted Cortisone shot. I reluctantly agreed to the shot.

While I was waiting for a call to make an appointment for the Cortisone shot I performed, what I thought was minor, work. I had started a small business venture to supplement my income. As we all know disability does not come close to paying the bills, not even close. I was at a clients house when I got the zap. I was on the ground, I couldn’t move. My client was beside herself as to how to help me. I explained to her it was temporary and I’d be able to get up soon. I assured her I was not going to be a new yard ornament for her. Minutes turn into hours in situations like this. My client had an idea and trotted off to her house. She returned with a bottle and dropper in hand. She began to explain to me that it was an extract of Marijuana. She told me to put out my hand, which I did, and she put a drop on it and told me to lick it. I protested. I don’t like being high at all. I’m that person at the party that panics and wants the feeling to go away. She explained it is the CBD part of Marijuana, the part that heals but doesn’t make you high. I was extremely skeptical, but also completely embarrassed to be stuck on this woman’s back porch. . . I licked it. Again, she told me to hold out my hand. Another drop was placed on it. . .I licked it. It tasted just as I thought it might, Marijuana. Now I’m going to be stuck here on this porch having a fit because I’m stoned and want the feeling to go away. Good Lord could it get any worse?!

If you choose to try it yourself that’s totally up to you. You will not be detoured to a CJ sales page or similar. This article is not about the link, it’s about my true life experience I’m sharing with you. I hope it can be of help for someone.

My client never left my side. Peering into my face as she explained the purity of these drops I had just licked off of my hand. Watching me closely for my reactions. I didn’t feel anything. Well why would i? I thought two little dinky drops, how would that make me high? My client again, assured me, you’re not going to get “high”.

Then I felt a warming sensation in my back exactly where the pain was at. As the warming sensation continued my pain subsided in equal parts to the warming sensation. I couldn’t believe it when I was able to walk within five minutes of licking these drops. My client was so kind that she said she would order a bottle for me and have it sent to my home. I wasn’t at all convinced that this CBD had done anything, not really. When I got home, a 45 minute drive that usually leaves me in a good deal of pain, I was able to roll right out of my seat and walk in the house.

That evening I made dinner for the first time in weeks. The residual pain from the earlier zap was totally gone. I had my usual pain but at a much reduced level. The next day I was up with the sun. I was still enjoying the reduced level of pain. The next day the pain began to increase. The day after that I was zapped while making my bed. I started hoping that she really did order a bottle for me, even though I still couldn’t believe it could do this for pain I’d been living with for so many years, but I needed it.

The package arrived within 3 days! Outstanding service if you ask me. I didn’t even leave the Post Office parking lot before I opened the package and took two drops to my tongue. I still couldn’t believe that CBD had reduced my pain and eliminated my zap just days before, but something had done it, this little liquid had been present when it happened, so I was game to keep taking it. By afternoon my back pain was to that reduced level again.

The usual dose is 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops in the evening. As I mentioned before I don’t like taking medication. I took 2 drops in the morning and that was all. I found that eating something first resolved the acid indigestion the CBD invoked. I never felt the least bit high or out of my element at all. She was right, it does NOT make you high.

At this point in time I’ve been taking 2 drops of CBD every morning and I feel like I have turned back the clock in time. My pain level is at 3 – 4 now. I have had several days where I had NO pain at all!! In 4 weeks I have experienced 1 single zap. It was my own fault. My unbelieving mind decided the CBD could not possibly be relieving my pain and I didn’t take it for 2 days. The second day I had a zap. It was not as powerful as the ones I previously experienced, but it was a zap none-the-less. I immediately took two drops to my tongue and I haven’t had a zap since.

I STILL cannot accept the fact that 2 drops of this liquid has relieved my back pain in such a profound way that I have my life back. I walk again, I go to the store, I work at my little side business, all with limited to no pain and no zaps at all. How in the world? Well, I don’t know. I just know it is what it is.

Between my pain killers and my regular CBD drops I didn’t need the Cortisone shot in my spine. I don’t think the Cortisone could do the miraculous work the CBD has done for me anyways. On the few occasions where I’ve over done myself working I will have some low level back pain that the pain killers easily get rid of. If ever something could be called a miracle, this CBD is it!

Originally posted 2020-02-26 18:47:57.