BB To The Chest

Have you ever had a BB shot at you? How about a BB to the chest?  Have you ever felt that?  Personally, it happened to me once, but not to my chest. I still have the scar on my leg from it.  I was about nine years old, I was walking from the garage, down the driveway, headed for the door to the house.I heard a “ting!” and then felt the bite of the BB.  I’m not certain how I found out, but somehow I learned, later, that it was a BB shot by the teenage neighbor, and it ricocheted off the can they were aiming at and hit my leg.  The odds were pretty slim that a BB shot by the neighbor would ricochet off their target, slip through the fence slats, and strike me, who just happened to be walking by at that very moment.  But it did, and it hurt!

The teenage neighbor shouldn’t have been playing with a BB gun by himself in the yard, but he was.  I don’t see it as his fault really.  As adults we are supposed to supervise our children on the proper use of toys.  Being a toy firearm, or a real gun.  We have the responsibility to teach our children the proper use and handling of such.  When they grow up, then they can pass that knowledge to their children, and so on.   But what if that person handling the BB gun IS the adult?  What happens when an adult  is clueless to proper care and handling of a firearm? That’s what happened in this next, Parent’s Acting Poorly scenario…

It was a Christmas gift for the 9-year-old boy, from parent #1’s parents (from grandma and grandpa).  The three of them took it into the yard with a coffee can for a target.  The 6-year-old little sister followed them outside as well.

The 9-year-old took a few shots at the coffee can.  When his 6-year-old sister wandered near the target he warned her to get away from it.  She did, and he fired off a few more shots, missing the target coffee can.

That’s when grandpa decided to show him how to shoot the target.  Grandpa, ignoring the 6-year-old approaching the coffee can target again, shot at it. The BB ricocheted off the can and nailed the 6-year-old in the chest.  As you can imagine, the tears were pouring from the 6 yr old, a bright red dot formed on the her chest.

The children were returned to Parent #2 without a word said about the BB hitting the 6-year-old.  Parent #2, preparing the 6 yr old for bed, noticed the bright red spot in the middle of her chest.  The child explained what had happened.  The 9 yr old boy concurred with her story.

Was this irresponsibility by the grandparent to have the 6-year-old out there with them shooting?  Should they have made the 6 yr old go inside?  Should any one of them mentioned to Parent #2  that this incident had occurred?  Let your opinion be known with the polls below!

Should any one of them, Parent #1, or the grandparents, have informed Parent #2 about the incident?

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Should children be given guns at a young age? (Irregardless of type)

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Originally posted 2019-01-12 04:10:46.