Where I Began My Passive Income

Like I said, in the post First Step Independence, I will walk you through where I began my passive income.

I didn’t just one day decide, “Hey, I’m going to go start a passive income!”  I knew about it, but didn’t believe it was entirely true.  And it isn’t exactly.  You need to put your time and effort into a method of producing a passive income first.  Once you have perfected your method, then the passive income will happen.

I didn’t know how or what I could do to create a passive income.  After reading a lot of information online and books I decided writing might be an avenue for me.  I also knew my college years were way behind me.  I could write well enough, but not to perfection.  And perfection is what you need to have when you write online or you will lose visitors, or receive comments like, “You missed something,” with no further information of what the heck they are talking about.  I reviewed many of the writing websites available and settled on Hubpages.com.  The website offers writers total control of what they want to publish.  There’s an autobot that goes through what you’ve written and corrects it to conform, but it’s still your work.  You own it.  And the revenue sharing structure was one of the better I had read about. So I went with it.

On Hubpages.com you can write about anything you want.  You could write articles you intend to display on your website, publish the article on Hubpages.com, watch the traffic flow to see if the article attracts an audience or if it’s a dud. The articles you write and publish deliver feedback right away.  You can pick and choose which of your Hubpages.com articles you want to move to your own website based on the popularity it gains on Hubpages.com .  You don’t do the advertising on Hubpages.com, they do it!

As feedback goes, if you write confusing, ill-advised or down right pointless content, your article will quickly sink to the bottom of the Hubpages.com barrel!  This is through no fault of anyone but yourself.  When you write an article and publish it, it needs to be able to stand on its own.  If it can’t what’s it going to do on your website?

The Hubpages.com editor, which looks for basic grammar as mentioned before will automatically give your article a rating according to the quality of the content.  It does not rate the subject of your article.  It does rate how often there are spelling errors, whether the content reads nicely, the structure of the content and if it has correct basic English grammar written.

Let’s take a look at an example:  Let’s say you write ten articles/hubs on a site like Hubpages.com .  Five of those ten articles are published and featured (featured means Hubpages.com editors liked it and it is being promoted for you).  You take those five great articles and put them on your website.  Those articles will be earning an income for you on Hubpages.com and now those articles are boosting your own website!

All this writing is earning you money!  It’s not a pit of cash, but it’s a great start.  You might look at it as being paid to practice for your own website.

Before you know it, you’ll have more articles written than you know what to do with.  At first, yeah, the income is nickels and dimes, but very quickly, the more you write, the more your passive income will increase.  One guy that writes about auto repair, as a side thing, he has a regular job during the day, he earns over $900 a month passive income from his articles!  On average people earn between $100 and $500 monthly.  Not bad.  Multiple avenues of passive income is what I have developed.  I figure I shouldn’t put all of my eggs in one basket. Diversify.

What method have you thought of for a passive income?  You can do a search and several suggestions will come up.  There’s hundreds of idea’s, but you need to choose the one that resonates with you!  The more you like a method, the more you feel strongly about it, the better you will present it and stick with it.

Once I was feeling good about my writing I took the next step and started my own website.  I bought a domain, set up hosting and started filling it with copy.  I employed ads with Adsense and I would put ads from Amazon on articles that had a product I was explaining in it.  For example: If I wrote a repair article about cars I would look up the parts that I used in the repair on Amazon and then post the parts with my article.  In this fashion my readers, that are reading because they need to repair that part on their car, can easily purchase the parts that I recommend and used myself.

You can go with Adsense and dictate where the ads can be placed on your website.  You don’t want to drive away your audience with too many ads.  Once they leave, you will probably never get them back.  So start small, maybe one or two ads, and build on that.  Keep your website looking uncluttered.

You will start to see an income with either one of those programs.  It will be small, but it will grow.  You should consider placing ads of your own so people will see your website.  Get your website name out there with ads.  That will make your income grow quicker since more people will be visiting it.

So there you have two methods for a passive income to start with; Hubpages and your own site utilizing Adsense!

Originally posted 2018-01-14 22:09:33.