Cannabis Contains CBD

Cannabis contains CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is the part of the cannabis plant that has been reported to help with pain relief.

There are two forms of CBD. The most popular being the CBD oil. There is also a little known product called CBD fluid. CBD fluid is water based instead of oil based. This makes CBD fluid more readily absorbed into your system for faster relief.

I have tried both the CBD oil and the CBD fluid. The CBD oil didn’t set well with my system. I felt like I had eaten old fried chicken. It tasted like old fried chicken as well.

The CBD fluid had no oily taste to it at all. It tasted as if I had chewed a marijuana leaf.

I am surprised at how many people have a misconception about the effects of CBD, I can see why though. Articles written like this one by the fda claiming that CBD can cause somnolence, why don’t they just say drowsiness?! And no it doesn’t if taken properly. I take it and I have never felt tired or sleepy. On the contrary, I felt energized, pain-free, thrilled!

Several other claims on the page such as “Can cause liver injury” with no other information or reasoning for the claim is listed.

Male reproductive injury with nothing to back this claim up at all.

I’ve talked to friends who have “tried” CBD. Some say it didn’t “do” anything for them. I know it didn’t “do” anything because they were expecting it to “do” something like a pain killer would “do”. A sudden feeling of “I took an opiate” a feeling of lethargy typical with pain killers. CBD doesn’t do that. It works quietly in the background. I taste the drops when I place them on my tongue and that is the end of the CBD “experience”. My pain quietly goes away.

CBD is extracted from a plant grown by nature. No chemical additives, no preservatives, no fillers (Let’s hear the fda talk about the side effects of fillers they have authorized!) just a plant with what appears to be healing benefits.

Legitimate retailers of CBD oil and fluid will have a report you can access from a laboratory explaining the extraction results IE: CBD content. Educate yourself about the product. There is no “high” taking CBD oil or fluid. It does not show up on drug tests, because it’s not a drug of that sort. Educating yourself is the key to your own successful life.

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Originally posted 2020-04-07 07:46:01.