Distracted Driving

I should think that we all agree that distracted driving is a problem. Yet, we are guilty of it on more than one occasion.

It’s going to happen. Imagine you’re driving to pick up your child at an after school function and your cell phone rings…..it’s your child your heading to pick up.

For myself, all sorts of things run through my mind: She knows I’m on my way, so why is she calling? Did they change the meeting spot? Is she being bothered by someone? Is she injured? Within just a couple of rings that and more runs through my mind. Of course we’re going to answer the call, something could be wrong!

I know, I know, you use the hands free thing so you’re perfectly legal answering the call. Sure, the law says you can talk as long as you use the hands free option, but those few precious seconds when you’re looking where the phone is at, then hitting the answer button? Even if it is hooked up to the steering wheel there are a few seconds that you take your mind off of the road to answer the call.

Stopping Distance –

Speed Decision Distance Stop Distance

30 mph 30 ft. 45 ft.

40 mph 40 ft. 80 ft.

50 mph 50 ft. 125 ft.

60 mph 60 ft. 180 ft.

Now, imagine that same scenario, but now imagine you aim to touch the answer button, but suddenly an ad pops up! You end up hitting the ad instead and now the cell phone is heading off to the website that ad wants you to visit. So you start hitting the back button to get back to the ad in the first place so you can hit the X and close the ad. But where is the X?! It’s gotta be there somewhere, where the hell is it!! As you’re searching for the blacked out, faded X another ad pops up!!

The whole reason you picked up the phone was to answer what may be an urgent call from your child and now your playing Whack The Ad and Find The X driving at 55 mph maybe even 60 mph!! Now we’re looking at 10, 12 even 15 seconds of your eyes off of the road. Thank goodness it was only a phone call you were trying to answer because if it was a text message you were composing you wouldn’t have a chance.

Ads should never have been put on cell phones! Yeah, I know, everybody wants to make money with ads, but at the cost of human lives?? That’s just ridiculous. Cell phones are for phone calls and text messaging. It’s completely inappropriate to put advertisements on such a device.

Even if your just walking along the sidewalk and a call comes in you must stop to navigate and dodge your way through all of the ads that pop up! We have to draw the line somewhere with these advertisers.

No, we shouldn’t be answering calls and texting when we drive. But it’s going to happen sometimes. We do NOT need advertisements popping up on the screen when trying to do so!

How many times have you been driving when your cell phone rings, or chimes that a text message was received? Did you take a quick glance to see who had called? Did you answer the call or read the text message? I’d bet that 99.9% of the population that has a cell phone has done just that.

Originally posted 2019-02-15 05:07:50.