DMV Waiting Time

If you are anything like me, just the thought of going to the local DMV can make you sick. Waiting in line to register your vehicle, obtain your license, or any of the multitude of options you need to do at the DMV can suck up your afternoon!

It’s not like something you can put off or not do at all. As an American citizen, if you want to have a life and drive your car to sustain that life, you must deal with the DMV yearly. Who said we were a FREE nation, hah!

I love the DMV visit on the movie Zootopia!! Is that not the truth? The sloth for the DMV rep was perfect! If you were paying attention you’ll notice Fox and Bunny enter the DMV when it is light outside, but when they exit the DMV it’s totally dark outside! I love it! A true to life scenario of the DMV, booyah!

If it makes you feel any better, the DMV IS aware of this problem. They have been monitoring us as we sit, or stand, and wait. There are some poor folks that have waited 3+ hours at the DMV! That’s just nuts!

To do my part in helping my fellow American in California I am posting the latest wait times for the DMV offices in California. The wait times were reported as appointment, no appointment in the pre-queue and queue. I’m not sure what the difference is in the pre-queue and the queue, but for me, waiting is waiting no matter what name you paste on it! It sounds akin to waiting at your doctors office. The pre-queue is when we sit in the waiting room….waiting. And the queue is when we sit in the exam room wearing a paper dress….waiting. Either way you look at it, your waiting!

I marked the region with the lowest waiting period with a red asterisk. The green asterisk denotes any DMV office with a wait time less than 30 minutes. This endeavor didn’t take long at all, there were very few under 30 minutes!

Region I = N. CA, Region II = Bay Area, Region III = Sacramento Area, Region IV = Central Valley, Region V = N. Los Angeles/Coastal Area
Region VI = Los Angeles Area, Region VII = Orange County/Inland Empire, Region VIII = San Diego Area

Originally posted 2019-06-22 21:42:19.