Earn a Passive Income. Can You Do It?

Anyone can create a passive income, anyone. Although if you intend on creating an income stream that will support you and your family, now that will take some effort. It can be done, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s just going to happen because you want it to.

Educate yourself like you are doing here, right now. Read books, watch webinars, listen to what other entrepreneurs say and then decide if you should quit your day job.

Persistence – The bottom line is you must have persistence (Persistence = Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition).

You know yourself better than anyone else.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1.   Do I follow through until I finish a project completely?
  2. Do I have a good handle on the English language?
  3. Can I construct sentences that are easy to understand and interesting to read?
  4.   When I am faced with an obstacle do I avoid it, or do I pursue it until solved?
  5.   If I don’t know how to do something, do I learn it, or chalk it up to something I just don’t know how to do?

If your answer to any one of the questions posed are that of lackluster, then I would advise you keep your day job!  Every one of the questions above lay heavy on a person creating a passive income. You have to be able to write interesting, compelling, above average copy.

You have to be persistent and able to persevere when others tell you forget it, or something you post doesn’t fly well with others. And especially when three months, four months and five months pass and only nickels and dimes are trickling in. Because, you know what, month six, those trickles may turn into pay dirt and you gotta stick with it to find out!

Once you are set up with a website or an online storefront then, and only then, can you relax and start enjoying the benefits of your work, but it’s not over. You still have work ahead. Let’s start from the start, passive income has specific steps that need to be taken.

  1. Determine where you have the most strength in a skill, or the skill you have the most passion for.  Start honing those skills.  Shit-Head enjoys writing and found a natural talent for correct spelling and sentence structuring.  Writing became the pursuit.
  2. Apply your skill to either a website, or, better yet, start up your own website.
  3. Put your skills out their.  If you build it, they will come!  True, true!  You may think, “Who is going to come to my little website in the vast sea of the internet?”  All I can say is, “They will.”  It will begin as a trickle.  If your content is good and helpful, the trickle will turn into a stream and then into a pour!
  4. Apply any or several of the advertising, selling or affiliating methods.
  5. You are now passive, but it doesn’t end there!  You MUST keep up the content.  Not like nose to the grindstone, but at the very least once-a-week offer a new article or information.

Amazon is ranking high as an income producing avenue.  They always have been a good choice for affiliate advertising.  There is a program HERE  that is focused on this stream of income.  They can help you maximize your Amazon commission and it offers a money back guarantee!

Regularly attending to your source of passive income is key to making it work.  If your subscribers come back and it’s the same old stuff as last week, last month or even last year, they will go away, fast!  You’re offering them nothing, can you blame them?

Instead regularly update and add to your content.  You will enjoy passive income for as long as you like.

Originally posted 2019-01-23 06:17:29.