Easter Is Canceled

Here is another one for the Parent’s Acting Poorly history book. Personally it looks cut-n-dry, yet I will present it as unbiased as possible.

This event involves:

5 kids (teenagers) and their parents

1 host child and their host parent

An Easter Egg hunt was set-up by the host child, at their grandparents house, with the 5 teenagers invited, on Easter Sunday. The afternoon would be spent at the grandparents ranch hunting eggs.

This group of kids are all friends and have been for several years on into high school. They do not smoke, drink or do anything else illegal. They are into good grades, homework and each other.

The morning of Easter Sunday the host child contacted the other teenagers to tell them that the day was canceled. The host child’s parent had become angry with the host child for not finishing their dinner the night before. To punish the child the host parent canceled the Easter Egg Hunt for them.

Some of the teenagers parents became irritated with the host parent for choosing to cancel at the last minute and for punishing their child whilst in the process of punishing their own. It was suggested another form of punishment be used so all the kids wouldn’t be punished. At that late of notice it would be difficult to pull together an alternative Easter event for the teenagers.

The host parent would not change their mind and insisted it was the host child’s fault that this punishment was issued. The teenagers didn’t have time to set-up something else and stayed at home and salvaged their Easter.

I’m sorry, but I gotta say, my opinion…..how rude of the host parent! The kids must have been looking forward to the Easter Egg Hunt and for that parent to just rip it out from under them, and at the last minute! Not good.

But we need to hear what you think! Majority rules, right!

The host parent was well within their rights to cancel, but was it appropriate?

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Originally posted 2019-04-24 04:16:15.