Elections And Taxes

Here we are at the beginning of October and just about everything on the message boards concerns the upcoming election and recent homeowner’s property taxes received.

I am that person that always says, “Don’t get me started!” when the subject of our government comes up.  I feel like we’ve been duped…by our own government and if I start talking about it I’ll go into a huge rant.  So, don’t get me started suffices.  But, alas, I need to make a change and say something.  Today is the day.

Everyday we are robbed of our hard earned money because of another tax imposed.  The government can impose fee’s, taxes, interest and we have to pay it (to cover our debt of course).

The situation appears impossible to change.  We can sit in our living room, in the security of our over-taxed homes and complain, while the government imposes more taxes, because it’s our home, our security, and we’ll pay just about anything to cling to our security…until it becomes too much and the bank simply forecloses and some people must lose their burden, I mean security.

The American dream is ingrained upon us from the day we are born, or set foot in America. Apple pie, baseball and home-ownership! If you don’t have these items than you’re not a real American.  So we watch the ball game, eat apple pie and purchase a home.  Then, they tax, and tax and tax it all again, until now.  A seat at the baseball game costs over $1,000 for season tickets in the nosebleed section.  Apple pie is bought out of the freezer at the local market.  And that secure home that says you are here, you’re a real American, is taxed until your pockets are empty.

You want to talk about real?  I’m not the type to do a sit-in, or protest.  I don’t see how those activities have ever caused a real change.  If there was a way to produce real change, I’d be the first person in line!  How do we cause real change when it’s our own government we are up against?  Throwing us a bone calling it a real change, then raising taxes somewhere else, is embarrassing.  What a bunch of idiots we the people look like when we run off for that stupid proverbial bone they tossed!

Do people bury their head in the sand, or like myself, have little to go on about creating change in the government?  How is a real change accomplished?  Can a government be scraped and rebuilt?  Shouldn’t we be able to say, “Hey this is not working. We don’t like it not working.  Everyone OUT! We are going to start afresh.”

When you sit down with paper and pen to get a real layout of your income and expenses it may piss you off.  We work all week and pick up our paycheck, there it is, taxes!  Before we can even touch the money we worked so hard for, taxes are removed.  Taxes for Federal, taxes for the State, taxes for Social Security (Hey, isn’t that Federal and State in the first place? That’s a double wammy) and Medicare (Woah, there’s another double tax, Medicare is Federal and State!).  Why are these taxes reported separate on your paycheck, yet they are all in the Federal and State budget? Yet it keeps happening.  If we decide to save some of that money we earned and we are taxed on, we are taxed again for saving it.  THEN, we may take some of the money that we just earned and was taxed on, and we go to purchase clothing, and maybe some household items, and we are taxed AGAIN on that same money!!  All and all, we are taxed when we earn it, when we save it, and when we spend it! Triple taxed on the same dollar!

An easy search online for tax spending brings up many graphs, courtesy of the Federal or State government which ever you choose to peruse.  Have you ever looked at the budget pie?  (I can’t help but wonder if it’s an apple pie?)  The headings for each pie section is something straight out of Comedy Central!  State spending for 2019 includes:

  • Healthcare 34%
  • Pensions 18% !! (And they aren’t talking about yours and mine! These pensions are for life to retired government employees.)
  • Education 17%  (Pensions for retired gov. people is far more important than educating the future!)
  • Welfare 8% (This includes the new drug testing for applicants. That seems like a truly unnecessary expense.)
  • Protection 6%
  • Other Spending 5% (What the HELL is Other Spending?!)
  • Transportation 4% (This includes vehicles, cell phones, up-keep of said, etc.)
  • General Government 4%  (General government 4%?!  That’s what this whole pie chart thing was for!)
  • Interest 3% (Interest?! Interest on what??  We just forked over millions of tax dollars, there is no interest!)(Interest needs to be relabeled as embezzlement!)

The heading both the Federal and State government rarely include is embezzlement.  Yes, embezzlement is figured into the budget!  Because it happens and they must make an allotment for it so they don’t come up short somewhere else when the money is embezzled. Now, isn’t that nice.

This is not to pit civilians against government employees blog in any way.  Government employees need to remember;  If they are not the embezzler, than their money is being embezzled as well.

The last time I had the opportunity to review a Federal budget pie, that included the embezzlement allotment, there was a 15% chunk set aside!  Food stamps only had 13% of the budget! Embezzlement commanded 2% more from the budget than food stamps did!  The government conducts drug testing on welfare applicants. “I had to test to earn it, you should test to take it.” is the mindset there.   Speaking for myself, I’d rather give my money to a drug addict that has a kid to feed than to a government embezzler!  I say government embezzler because to embezzle you must work for the government or be a sub-contractor of such (The $400 toilet seat comes to mind here.)

This gross behavior is like me sitting down with a pile of tax dollars with you and saying, “Okay I’ll take this hunk for healthcare and other expenses.” ( I slide a huge pile to my side of the table).  You walk out to grab a cup of coffee (maybe the coffee would fall under OTHER Government spending), while you’re out I grab another pile and slip it into my lap.  When you come back, within seconds, you wonder where the money all went.  All I say is, “I don’t know.”  And you do nothing.  Maybe comment, “Well we better bring more money next time.”  Where, instead, you should be demanding, “Get up! Empty your pockets!”  and making an effort to find where the pile of money went.  Instead the people in government authority just drop the subject and go out taxing for more money.  That’s exactly what is happening, right now, today, with our money!

A woman working at the fire department was able to embezzle thousands of dollars just from the donations she received on the behalf of the fire department.  It took 4 YEARS for the government to stop her! 4 YEARS. How many times did they need to see her receive a check for the fire department, then deposit it into her own personal account before they stepped in?  With 52 weeks in a year, donations are probably deposited weekly (I’m guessing here), so that would be 208 times that she was able to conduct embezzlement activity while the government was monitoring the situation!

So, what can we do?  Turn the government on it’s head so all the stolen money falls out of it’s pockets?  A lot would fall out, but that wouldn’t change it from filling those pockets back up.  How do we make real change.  Not that fake, throw another bone, then stick it to me, kind of change.  We need real change, we need it now.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

My method of protest has been just as effective as any sit-in if you ask me.  I don’t show up.  What if nobody showed up? What if at election time, nobody voted?  No government workers polling, no citizens polling, nobody.  Would that start to make the Earth quake beneath our governments feet?  I know that when we have banded together as a Unit of Citizens instead of A Citizen we have effected change.  The last banding together that I recall having a direct and nearly instantaneous effect was against fuel prices.

A message was sent through texts and email advising people to not purchase gas on a specific day.  On that day I did not purchase gas.  From the look of vacant gas stations on every block, it was being invoked with success.  Of course there were people that did purchase gas, probably that same person that in grade school raised their hand every time the teacher asked, “Are there anymore questions.”  The kid you wanted to break his arm so he couldn’t raise it again!

The resulting price drop, the very next day, was inspiring and helpful.  The price of gas dropped significantly that day.  But those cases are rare and far between.

The sneakier method the Government employs to raise taxes is to do it in increments. Over a period of time raise the price little bits.  Then, the people won’t notice as dramatically as a sudden rise.

I am at a loss.  The government must change, but how can this be accomplished when we have only sheep that will follow the governments orders.  There are no real wolves to lead the way and attack (metaphorically).  People will sit in their secure homes, in front of their computer with the World Wide Web at their fingertips and complain, complain, complain, but do nothing else.  We must all just be sheep in wolves clothing.  There are no real wolves.


Originally posted 2018-10-02 22:26:28.