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Your Independence

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Starting Your Passive Income

There are several methods you can employ to kick off your passive income journey.  Ghost writing is a popular method we will go over.  Affiliate marketing is another.  There’s a lot of information in whichever platform you choose it can’t or shouldn’t be answered in one page.   

Today the ghost writer, publisher and/or author will be our focus.  But first there are very basic steps that need to be taken before going any further.

If you are going to launch your own website, or advertising campaign to monetize your online presence, you must have superior writing skills!  Or hire someone that does!

There is an offer by Affilorama where they will take you step-by-step to a passive income!  You don’t need to know anything about it and they will literally take you through the steps to create a passive income.

We have all clicked on one of those websites where the author’s spelling and grammar is atrocious.  Did you remain on their website very long?  Did you trust the author, and what he/she was promoting or advising?  I can’t imagine you did.  If I come upon a website that has ill structure and spelling errors, I can’t click out of there fast enough!  Any advice offered on the page is lost because I left.  If they didn’t care enough to spell check their work, or use an article scanning program, how can I trust their advice, or product?  I can’t.  (Grammarly and Scribens are a couple of article checking programs online).

This is just your basic foundation.  Gaining the trust and respect of your online readers.  If you earn their trust, they will come back.  If you throw slop out, you’ll get slop right back.

If you want to tap into the cash stream on the internet, you need to be able to connect with your audience by writing good, respectable, content first.  Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I have impeccable writing skills?
  • Should I improve my skills somehow?
  • Is my website full of easy to read and comprehend content?
  • Am I just trying to BS my way into some easy money? (Bad idea. You’ll waste time).

If you’re going it alone you can find websites that can improve your writing skills and start to earn you an income as you write as I did.

Start by searching the internet for a writing platform.  In my search it was important to me that the program be free, that it provide feedback on my writing, and that, if possible, generate some sort of income.   Teaching yourself to create better content than the next guy and staying focused isn’t always easy when you want some of that cash that everyone is bragging about online. The more time you spend at this step the better your site will be and attract loyal customers.

Ghost Writing

My search for a website to write on resulted in platforms that are more aptly referred to as Ghost Writing jobs.  I would be expected to write about specific subjects dictated by them. For example: Write compelling articles for a hardware store, and write engaging copy for insurance companies, etc. This was not what I was personally looking for.  Ghost writing is an avenue if you like a more structured platform to write on.  I just cannot write very good copy if it doesn’t resonate with me. I have to feel strong about a subject or at the least interested in it.

Some people write their best when they don’t have to come up with the topic.  They excel at researching and presenting any topic.

Ghost writing is so much more than just writing for an insurance company or hardware store, those are possibilities but not the heart of Ghost Writing.  When you do Ghost Writing you do not receive the credit for the work.  You are writing for someone else and that other person gets the credit for the work.  For example:  If I wanted to write a book about Industrialism, which I have no clue about, I would hire a Ghost Writer to write it and then I would post it on my site with my name as the author.  Claiming the work as myself authoring it would be understood from square one.  That’s what Ghost Writing is all about, you write it they claim it.  They usually pay you well for your work.  Upwork, Freelancer and Guru are just a few of the websites offering Ghost Writing jobs.

If you’re really interested in kicking off your writing work you’ll want to look at This Website.  This website has gaming jobs available (get paid to play games) as well as writing jobs.  Read through their offerings to find writing work, or opt for one of their other interesting options! It is really cool.

That is the first step to starting your passive income, secure your website with the ability to create solid, great, content and you’ll be well on your way to a passive income!  Good Luck!

Originally posted 2018-01-05 18:44:16.