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The Reality of It All

Writing online can be a legitimate source of residual income. Many of the articles here on are about my own personal experience earning a passive income online writing, especially on That’s real income I see deposited every month to my account.

Over the years I’ve come across many fake (scams) and authentic writing offers. I’ve compiled a list of free and paid online writing leads that are legitimate. But YOU are going to have to do the work. You can be lead to water, but nobody can make you drink! This list of online jobs can be given to you, but nobody can make you take advantage of the opportunities and do the work, no one but you.

Very, very, very, very, rarely, has any success happened overnight. It was a solid year before I began reaping any rewards worthy of talking about. I’ve been writing on since 2012. I was earning pennies at first. That sucked. I could have done without the demoralizing .09 cents each month. But that didn’t last very long. Soon it jumped to $25 a month, then $75, and $100 and so on, until I am now. Reviewing my earnings page, it was one year before I had income over $100 a month. All the while I was writing, and submitting articles furiously. It was after 100 articles that the income really started to be worthy. My score as a writer has always been well above 90. Your score is determined by how well your articles are written. Not by how popular the article is, but how well you wrote it, so that’s nice. If you’re really putting your best effort forward with good grammar and thoughtful insights, etc., you’re rewarded for it with a high score even if the public doesn’t find your article interesting, you still get the kudo’s for your hard work with a high score.

Just because worked out well for me, doesn’t mean it’s meant for everyone. Different strokes for different folks, right! That’s the whole reason I write these articles, so you will get the whole picture, not just my view, or what someone pays me to tell you! No way! I got your back!

Sometimes people have a difficult time finding their place on the internet to write articles. Seeking and discovering legitimate writing opportunities is one of the most difficult endeavors out there. That’s one of the reasons I offered up my success with because I know any help finding legit work in this arena is very welcome by writers out there.


You have to be hyper vigilant for scams! Working from home and online writing are two of the biggest scam attractions. It was a lot worse a few years ago. Out of every five opportunities four were scams maybe even all five were sometimes! If these scammers would be in an honest days work they would progress so much further. They cut their own throat running all these scams. As soon as they are found out, it’s over. Talk about a dead end career! But I digress. In more recent years authentic work at home opportunities and writing jobs have begun to out number the scams. but you still need to be on your toes!


Reviews aren’t always what they seem. Online, the competition for attention from shoppers is out of this world! When you have 500 websites and they are all trying to sell you the same shirt, you can imagine the virtual cat fights that go on. The fur flies! Remember this when you are reading reviews in your search for online writing gigs.
Above is the ad for . The research on this website offer for writing is skewed, but if you keep on digging you will find that it is legit. There were reviews that didn’t paint in a bright light, yet they did admit they are legit. For example a review on was negative. But if you step back for a minute and read the sign above the door of this reviewers business you will find why their review is negative. . is’s direct competitor! Any reasonable person can realize this review has a conflict of interest! You can’t expect an honest, unbiased, review on a competitors site! That’s just ridiculous.
If you owned a business are you going to post a positive, business endorsing, review about your competitor? Of course not! It’s your competitor. If you give them a bright and shiny review the patrons you give the review to will most likely purchase from your competitor that you just told them was so great. Let’s be honest. If you wrote a review about your competitor it would be negative, highlighting anything that can be perceived as bad. You would keep in mind that shoppers don’t want to hear anyone bash a business hard. It makes you and your business look bad. So you bash them just enough and for proper online review etiquette you mention your competitors highlights, very few, and at the bottom of the article. Am I right or what?

Typical of a competitor fits the above mold perfectly. At least did not go into bashing . They didn’t write anything positive but they also didn’t try to drag writing-jobs,net over the coals. That would have been very tacky. I would seriously question any review that drags another business over the coals. does provide you with leads, websites that provide legitimate work. They do have a training program they offer to hone your writing skills. The owner, Glenn Anderson, does own further, similar types websites (I have no idea how that attributes to the legitimacy of the websites, but reviews mention it often enough I thought I should as well). does charge a monthly fee to access their website. The last I looked it was $17 a month. That’s isn’t very much to pay if this is what you need. Maybe you just need to find some legitimate leads, or procure courses on writing skills. For $17 a month it’s a reasonable source if only to boost you up.


So far we’ve gone over the reality of a career writing online and searching for work. We’ve looked at scams on the internet concerning online work. Then we talked about the errant nature of website reviews. It is time for the Free list of opportunities!

That was just my experience with that type of writing. Alas, different strokes for different folks, so here is the list of websites offering leads for FREE. Some websites, such as MTurk, are better known as “microwork” because the jobs are small, like writing an article or taking a survey.

(The following list are linked to their specific webpage. Each link is only for your convenience. Nothing is gained. It’s just a simple safe link. Every link has been checked and all are working fine.)

Websites such as and do provide work opportunites. You just have to sign up to their website. The problem with these types of websites is, the competition for writing jobs is extraordinarily high! I went this route years ago. When I would “bid” for a writing job ten to twenty people with several years writing on that website, with stars and kudo’s I didn’t have, would apply as well. Guess who would get the work? Not the one without all the kudo’s I can tell you that! I gave it a shot for about six months before I realized I was wasting way too much time bidding on work that I wasn’t getting. I needed to be more pro-active and write!

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