Generate Views Free!

Generating views is going to be your number one issue when you create a website. Generating views that are Free can seem impossible to the new comer!

Our visitors, our subscribers, they know we have their best interests in mind. We genuinely want to see people succeed in their online endeavors. Our information is always free. You’ll never pay to read any advice here! Let’s jump right into this!

You can imagine the scenario of advertising somewhat like a lemonade stand when you were a kid: You decide on opening a lemonade business in your town. You’ve got your inventory, pricing and payment set-up. You’ve got your cardboard box sitting at the door ready to go. You walk out the door with your business under your arm, cardboard box in hand, but where do you put it? Main street is full. There is no room on 1st or 2nd Street either! You finally find a spot to put your cardboard box down and set-up business way back on 10th Street!

You think to yourself, and rightly so, “Who is going to walk all the way back to 10th Street to look for my lemonade stand? People will pass several lemonade stands on their way back here!”

Then you remember, there’s a parade marching down Main Street!! You can enter into the parade advertising your fantastic lemonade and where your location is! What a great idea!

But wait, the entrance fee will cost you hundreds of dollars. Main Street is where all of the people are at. That means all the businesses are advertising in the parade pushing the price of a float sky high! How can you, a one man/woman lemonade stand afford a float? You can’t. Well, maybe you can, but if you did, the profit margin would be so upside down you would never recover and you’d be out of business before you started!

Wait! Google has a float in the parade and they will let you put a sign on it advertising your business for Free!! Why for Free? Because the more people looking at their float for businesses means more eyes on them as a whole! You actually attract more people to the Google float by advertising on the Google float, so win-win!

Now, let’s put that scenario into action with your website! Google will advertise your site and all you have to do is register your website with them. This is very easy. Go to Google Business Site and fill out the information requested IE: business name, location (If it’s an internet business save your address for the page that says, “Your address will not be shown”).

If you do NOT have a website for your business, and would like to have one, during this business set up on Google, the registration process will OFFER you a Free website to make! Yep, one of the questions reads like, “Web address of your business” and offers three options. #1 option is to enter your web address. #2 option is “I don’t have a web address but I’d like to make one”. That’s not the exact words they use but you’ll know when you see the question. It’s right near the beginning of the business questions.

Either way, if you have a website already, or choose to build one through the Google business page, you’re going to get a significant amount of visitors to your website when you are done setting up your business! Google verifies every business they list, so you know your business listing will be taken seriously. You’re not a fly-by-night scam. This verification process has you enter your address (the question where it says the address won’t be listed). Then Google will send a postcard to the address you entered. When you receive the postcard, go back to your business and enter the code on the card. You’ll be able to work on your listing while you wait for the postcard to arrive within 5 days. Once you enter the code you’re full on Google business!

You’ll have the option of marking your business on Google maps for map results too!! This is all completely FREE to you!

You can monitor your business, your visitors, your listing in search results, everything Google has to offer, on your business page. I put the Google Business App on my cellphone for convenience and I love it!

You have to get your lemonade stand sign on that Google Float or nobody is going to find you way back on 10th street! These are the tools, go for it!

So there it is; FREE advertising for your business! Yahoo, Yelp, and Yellow Pages are a few other websites you should add your business listing to as well. Google definitely affords the most free, targeted, traffic for my websites, and the others send some as well, so don’t skip the others out. Don’t sit there reading this again, go get yours! Can’t beat that!

Originally posted 2019-11-26 21:12:56.