Getting Your Work Out There – Make a Plan

Getting my work out there for people to see, and create a plan, albeit a late plan,  became my next project of importance.  With the help of all the wonderful mentors on hubpages, I had found, and conquered, my habitual writing errors.  I was now writing good articles that were attracting the attention of many readers.

When I had written several articles (about 25 articles) I felt it was  time for me to promote my work outside of hubpages.  It was time to expand!

One of the most important things you need to have in mind is a plan.  Just by dumb luck I just so happened to be working along a proper course before I wrote out a plan.  I didn’t know the importance of a plan until about six to nine months in. I read about the importance of having a plan, it keeps you on target.  Whereas not having a plan you may jump here, to there, to over there, then, to wasting time, and back again!  I don’t like wasting my time, especially online.  It is so easy to be sidetracked, or spend too many  hours writing one article. So I wrote out my plan. The plan kept me pushing forward towards the next step.  I didn’t want to sidetrack when I was writing online, the plan didn’t include it!

When I looked back at the previous six to nine months I had been following a good path. A structured path, by accident, but it was good.  I wrote out my plan at this point, including where I had already been, and then where I was heading.  Make your plan simple and in a format you can easily understand at a glance. It’s for your eyes, so make it your way.  My plan looked something like a diary entry.  I use those books of lined paper a lot, so I put my plan on the first pages like this:

What My Plan Looks Like.  

 The first two steps I had accomplished.  The next step was to start reading about website creation, and affiliate links (steps 3 and 4).  To gain an income from all my writing I needed to start promoting myself.  Yes, hubpages, in itself, is promotional, but they also offer tools that you can use to further promote yourself.

The programs listed below are very easy to set-up if you decide to follow my path and write on hubpages.  I won’t go into the details of implementing each program because hubpages does a very good job of walking you through the steps.  This list is for you to know what they have to offer for generating income.  I wish I had this list when I started.  It took a little while for me to discover them all through the forum’s and surfing around.

So, here are the promotional opportunities offered with hubpages to earn money for your work.  There is:

  • Google Adsense Program (Earn from impressions).
  • Amazon Affiliate Program (Promote Amazon products you write about).
  • Hubpages Earning Program (You must have a Paypal account and tax forms completed to participate).
  • Assigning Affiliate ID (Can run together with Hubpages Earnings program).
  • Hubpages Ad Program (You can earn 60% of revenue from Page Views on hubs you create).
  • Hubpages Referral Program
  • Referral Trackers

The last two programs are all about sharing.  With the Referral Program you can link to other hubs using your referral tracking code.  When someone signs up through your tracking code you earn between 9% and 12% of their lifetime earnings.  As long as these referrals keep writing and earning, so do you.  The 9 – 12% you receive does not come out of your referrals portion.  It comes from hubpages share.

A referral tracker is automatically generated when you sign up on hubpages.  You can find your referral tracker under the earnings tab, under my account,  Referral Tracker.  It will be a random line of numbers and letters like:  ucan2Ifutri .  This referral tracker can be put in a hubpages url like this:

You can also create your own tracking code.   By using your referral tracking code you earn the credit for pointing that person to hubpages.

If you are on hubpages sign-up page the URL is:   but what if you are the reason someone wants to sign-up, or you want to put the link for this sign-up page on your blog, website, whatever, how do you get credit for the referral? Your referral tracker ID! That’s how!  You slip it into the URL like this: .  By putting your tracker ID in there you will get the credit!  It’s important to put the underscore just before your tracking code, or the link won’t work.

Next, I moved out of my comfort zone and created my own website!

Originally posted 2018-02-04 06:00:50.