I Launched My Website, Now What?

Here on Shit-Head we’ve been going over the fundamentals of becoming an affiliate marketer. Learning, and practicing, to write awesome content/copy with near perfect, if not perfect, English. We’ve also found methods to improve our writing skills so that when we launch our own website it can run with the others and not get stomped.

When you decide your ready to launch a website, or run ad campaigns from just an email address, whatever your individual affiliate marketing option you choose to pursue, you will need to set-up some sort of tracking method.

You’ll be flopping around like a fish on a hot dock if you don’t have something to provide you with feedback about visitors to your website. How would you know if an affiliate product your promoting on your website is of interest to your visitors, or not, without tracking of some sort? How would you hone your niche if you couldn’t see what people are clicking on with your website? Is the traffic flow smooth or are your visitors lost on your website? All of these questions are answered with a tracking tool. It’s a must have if you want to be a successful affiliate!

First you will want to find a tracking program you like. There are many programs to choose from. It depends on your website and what program will work with it, whether you find the presentation of the data pleasing and whatever personal preference you’re looking for. Some of the more common programs are:

I also use Monster Insights along with Google Analytics. Actually Monster Insights IS Google Analytics. It’s the Google Analytics plugin that you can download to your WordPress web site.

Sometimes I want to drill down into a web page I have or analyze a piece of data on my website and that’s what Monster Insights is great for. But, I don’t need a bunch of information everyday. I have four websites I administer, so I need quick, easy to read, summarized reports for my daily checks.

Monster Insights is a Free plugin, but of course you can upgrade to get even more out of the program.

MouseflowI used Mouseflow for the two week Free introductory period. Setting up my websites with it was simple enough, but setting the “do not track” portion was a little more complicated. Once I setup my websites the information poured in. I found I wanted to tweak the settings more to reduce the depth of the information provided. By the time I got around to tweaking the settings my trial period was over. I won’t pay for what I can get for Free. But you may enjoy the in-depth reporting so it may be worth checking out. The program offers heat maps so you can track exactly where visitors went! At least take advantage of the Free trial.

Tracking programs use algorithms to record data from your website. It’s recorded into reader friendly report pages. Then, the report is displayed for you. With Google Analytics and Mouseflow you need to go to their respective website to view your website activity. Monster Insights is displayed right on a WordPress site menu if you’re using WordPress.

You can run a search for website tracking programs and find one you like. Or you can try something like the Monster Insights. It’s a simple plugin. Plug it into your website. If you don’t like it….unplug it! Simple as that!

Originally posted 2019-02-24 07:31:41.