Kicked Out Of The Car

Here is a new scenario for the Parent’s Acting Poorly subject.  This involves a sister that is two years older than the brother and a single parent.

There’s no detail about where the sister and brother were driving to, or the time of day.  They were in a car, just the two of them, with the sister driving.  The sister is eighteen so that would make the brother sixteen.

As they’re driving along an argument starts between them.  As the argument escalates Sister threatens to kick Brother out of the car.  Brother’s personality style is the peacekeeper of everything.  He doesn’t like arguing or hearing arguing.  Sister is the opposite,  She has been known to stir up problems and pursue them to no end.  With that in mind, Sister decides she’s had enough and pulls over to the curb and orders Brother out of the car.  Brother gets out of the car.  Sister drives away leaving Brother to find his own way home.

When brother does arrive home he tells his parent about what happened.  The parent says they already heard from Sister about the situation and that Sister had every right to kick him out of the car.  The parent goes on to scold brother further when Sister arrives home.  Parent tells Brother, “She had every right to kick you out of the car.”  The fact that Brother was made to find a method home from a good distance from his house was not really addressed.

Brother is left very upset and defenseless.  He insists he was not affecting Sisters driving. He insists Sister wouldn’t stop yelling at him in the car.  He felt he couldn’t please her whatever he did.

Sister feels vindicated.  She admits she wanted Brother to “shut up”  but he wouldn’t, he kept saying things.  That’s why she stopped the car and made him get out.

Wow, I have my own idea’s about this scenario!  But I want to hear what you think.

What do you feel the appropriate response from the parent should have been?

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What do you think? Did Sister have the right to make her brother get out of the car?

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Originally posted 2019-01-12 04:29:16.