Make It Happen!

If You Believe You Can…

Then Make It Happen!

I have always leaned toward entrepreneurship.   I knew I wouldn’t do well working for someone else.  I am not about to bust my hump so somebody else can reap the rewards.

On the other hand, it could be said that I’m overly cautious.  When I change the oil in my cars I always have two sets of jack stands holding the car.  The primary jack stands and then the back up stands just in case the primary stands give way.  I’m over cautious like that about everything.

To boldly go where I’ve never gone before is intimidating.  That’s how I am and I don’t mind, it’s me.  Not everyone is like me though and I get that, I really do.

There are those people that are confident, out going and bold. The opposite of me.  They’re the one’s that take the bull by the horns while I’m still checking the paddock to try and make friends with the bull!  It’s inspiring to watch a go-getter work it.  Sometimes I wish I could be so bold.  Alas, I am what I am.

But I won’t let that stop you!  I’ve mentioned on some of my other articles, webinars.  I’ve been attending a few myself.  Some are good, and some are so-so.  I haven’t been to one that was bad.  Seminars always have information to offer but whether it’s information that is pertinent to me and what I’m looking to learn or if it’s information I already know or don’t need is the difference.  Trial and error is probably the best explanation for how to choose a good webinar to attend.

Through my own trial and error I’ve found the Clickbank University to be of interest.  The video itself is well recorded and provides intelligent, helpful information and the host and hostess are knowledgeable about affiliate marketing.

This is the Clickbank University

Like I said, “If you believe you’re ready to dive into affiliate marketing then Make It Happen!  The other webinar I found will spell it all out!  By the end of the webinar you will be able to set-up your affiliate program and start bringing the income in.

John Crestani Webinar

Super Affiliate Webinar

John Crestani runs this webinar and he is dedicated to your success as an affiliate marketer.  His energy and passion to show you how it works is contagious.

Once you become active in the webinar arena you will find speakers you enjoy and you’ll begin to seek them out.  Other people you meet on the webinars may recommend a webinar they think may be helpful to you.  This is a good avenue to follow.

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