Merry Christmas – For Who?

I just heard this scenario a week ago.  I’m still asking myself, “Say what?” It was supposed to be a Merry Christmas, but for who?

Here’s the scenario, it is short and simple, but, well, go ahead and read it yourself:

Two children involved.  Parent says to one child (submitter did not elaborate why each child was put into categories by parent), “I don’t have much money for Christmas this year. I thought I’d give your sibling money because we aren’t very close emotionally, or intellectually.”  Older child says, “Oh, okay.”  Then, parent says, “It won’t bother you if you don’t get any presents right?” Older child responds, “Yeah, that’s okay. I don’t need presents.”  Parent then gives younger child $300 for Christmas, and nothing at all for the older child.

Granted, the older child did agree by saying, “Yeah, that’s okay. I don’t need presents.” What I ask is, “What child is going to go against what a parent is asking them straight to their face?”  The child most likely knew that regardless of which way they answered they were not going to receive anything for Christmas, so why not agree and just get along, right.  But then turning around and dumping $300 in the other child’s lap just appears cruel and unusual.  Especially when the parent said they were broke. An extra $300 doesn’t sound very broke to me!  By the way, the parent had the older child hand the envelope of money over to the receiving child. Is this emotional oversight on the parents part, or an under handed, narcissistic move?

Why do you think a parent would lavish so much money on one child and the other nothing?

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Were the feelings of the older child a mere oversight by the parent?

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Originally posted 2019-01-12 04:19:34.

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