Moved Just Down The Street

A divorce was impending and tempers were heating up.  One person, we’ll call Parent #1, wanted a divorce due to abuse and a horribly intrusive mother in law.  The other person Parent #2 did not want the divorce and tried to hide actions the mother in law was doing against Parent #1.

Parent #1 moved two hours away.  Parent #1 was relieved of the abuse and harassment by mother in law.  Parent #2 was not happy about the distant relocation of Parent #1 and made many disparaging comments about the town Parent #1 had moved to.

Parent #2 would make private innuendo’s to Parent #1 about getting back together and how they never wanted this.

Time passed.  As a matter of fact ten years passed.  A vacation that both Parent #1 and #2 took for the children invoked strong feelings from Parent #2 in which they were acted on.  After the vacation they went their separate ways although Parent #2 wasn’t happy about it.

One year later Parent #2 sold the home and received good equity from it.  So location to move to was of no issue there was plenty of money to go anywhere.  Parent #2 bought a home down the street from Parent #1.

After ten years of living at a specific address Parent #1 immediately (within 30 days) moved away when Parent #2 moved down the street.

The children know of the abuse Parent #1 endured.  They know Parent #1 moved far away to get away from Parent #2 (By the way Parent #2 also knew it was to get away).  The children act like everything is perfectly normal. That moving down the street doesn’t seem odd. They feel Parent #1 was acting rash to immediately move away.

What do you think?

Are the children acting naive to say there's nothing odd about the move down the street?

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Originally posted 2019-01-12 04:37:11.