Passing Go, Collecting $2,000 And More

If you’ve been following along with the Shit-head story, here we are: Passing Go, collecting $2,000 and more!

By this time I was well versed with Komposer, I had my writing skills down pat through Hubpages, I was hungry for more!

Komposer was a lot of fun for me.  Directly manipulating my website taught me a lot!  I wouldn’t change that experience for anything.  Learning how the nuts and bolts of a website go together is invaluable.  The only drawback with Komposer is I felt like I was completely on my own.  I didn’t have suggestions coming in from anywhere.  I had to research the latest and greatest trends everyday if I wanted to keep pace with the high rollers on the internet.  I wanted something more on the side of self-maintenance.  If I could get a self-maintaining website I could free-up some of my research time to dig deeper into affiliate programs and start earning some real money!

My Komposer built websites had some affiliate ads on them, but they were not self-maintaining. I had to check-up on them often like a child. I didn’t need another child, I needed a babysitter.  This is when I turned to WordPress.   WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Yola, are all website builders.  You can find a good review of these and more here.

When you purchase a website through someone like Godaddy they offer a free website builder page, but it is very restrictive.  You are only allowed certain items, and advertising is not one of them.  Personally I wouldn’t recommend using one of these free website builders.

I chose WordPress.  Their site is written and laid out in a format I can navigate easily and understand.  I hosted with Siteground, who has an awesome team of assistants just waiting to help you with whatever you need!  Website assistance is paramount for me.  I knew what I was doing for the most part, but CSS, HTML editing, well, I wasn’t good at that, but they certainly are!

So, I downloaded the WordPress platform and away I went with it!  They too offer a free website when you sign-up, but again, it is restrictive, and it’s really not your website, it’s theirs with your website name added onto their domain name.  I brought my own websites, bought through  I had full control, and I could put whatever I wanted on it, no restrictions!

I had so many idea’s and articles on Hubpages to share I just went nuts posting everyday on my blogs.  I was having so much fun with their automatic everything, regular automatic updates, and everything else automatic, I could focus on research and writing again.  Just like I did back with Hubpages! But now it was on MY websites.  Often, I link to my articles on Hubpages.  This way there isn’t any redundant articles, or confusing links.

I signed up with Amazon, Clickbank and Adsense.  These are all advertising companies on the internet.  You sign-up, read their rules and regulations carefully, so you don’t step on any toes, and place their code on your website through plug-ins or the HTML editor.  I used the Ad Inserter plug-in for ease of use and automation it offers.

I focused on writing the articles on my websites, and everything else took care of itself.  My advertising affiliates were linked to my bank, so money I earn is automatically deposited.  Before you know it, deposits from your advertising are rolling in!

To make the most of your advertising, write about subjects you know very well.  I’m a Jack (Well, really a Jill) of all trades.  This provided a large variety of topics I could write really good articles on.  Then, my ads were set-up in a fashion to display ads relevant to my writing.  Occasionally I will directly look-up a product to advertise that I really liked, or a certain brand I recommend, otherwise I let the automatic relevance do it for me.  When your setting-up your accounts with these advertisers the previous are all options you choose when you create an ad set.  It’s not rocket science in the least. These advertisers want their affiliates to succeed (you’re the affiliate).  If you succeed, then they succeed, right!  They make the set-up and use of their ads very user-friendly so you can succeed!

And that’s where it’s at!  I try to look “outside the box” for my articles.  Things that are fresh or unique quality.  The public isn’t stupid by any means. They know there are a thousand plus video’s about knitting on YouTube.  There’s a thousand and one video’s about using adsense on there too.  You need to be unique if you want to get the readers to read what you have to say.  And you must have a good handle of the English language like I obtained through Hubpages.

I research, perform writing work, take pictures, all the fun stuff, then I post it on my websites, invoke some of my ads on the page and sit back and relax!  You can do this too!!  Now that you have the steps, all you need is the gumption!

Originally posted 2018-03-08 19:44:39.