I Am Here For You, Take My Hand


Today I feel good; Today I feel strong.

Let me share my strength with you; To right this wrong.

I hold out my hand; I hold it out for you.

I can help you get through; this heartache and grief isn’t for you.

Take it please; It may be the best thing you do; take this hand offered to you.

Right here, right now; its just you and I.

Close your eyes…..clear your mind; Just think of us, your hand in mine.

We’ve done nothing wrong; So keep your heart strong.

I don’t know, I wish I did, how long this will go on.

It is our children this is all about; I hope one day they can figure it out.

Don’t live in regret; I would have never bet; Children could grow up and develop such a mindset.

You have me right here, right now; Right here on the internet.

Can you sense my good feelings flowing to you?

My good feelings and strength I’m sharing with you.

I can feel it, I know you can too.

With our eyes closed our mind will see it as true; I don’t have to be there to be able to share my strength with you.

We are human, we make mistakes; But we’ve done nothing so wrong to be estranged.

You are having a bad day, sometimes I do too. It will only get better now that I am here with you.

Please don’t worry that I must leave; I have nothing but time for you who grieve.

With our eyes closed we can imagine anything; Imagine we are in a meadow of flowers at the start of Spring.

We are still holding hands, enjoying the day, the beautiful sun, the flowers, it must be April or May.

Don’t limit your comfort with me, you see, I am any gender you wish for me; Your comfort and solice is most important to me.

If you become tired and want to sleep; you don’t have to worry;

I’ll be right here waiting, try it and see.

I promise I won’t let go of your hand; When you are ready to let go, just say it, I’ll understand.

I don’t want to let go, but I know you have plans; A life to live! Give it a chance!

My strength is here when ever you need it; In this whole wide world there’s someone who beat it.

Estangement is all about them, our children, not about us; Make your life and you will see they will become jealous.

Take my strength make it yours, YOU I will always adore.

I am real. I am estranged; But I am worth love and happiness I deserve the whole range.

When you know this, when you can feel this, you will feel the same.

You may have to look elsewhere, maybe hold a hand; But it will get better trust me I understand.

What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

I hear this more often than necessary, “What IS a reverse mortgage?” Most people that use the reverse mortgage and enjoy the benefits of it, are no longer here on Earth to brag about it to the rest of us.

The reverse mortgage is utilized by people in their twilight years. When they are done using the reverse mortgage it’s because they have gone off to the retirement home in the sky. So we mortals don’t hear about the results. Whether it worked out well for the user or not.

Although we do hear about the disgruntled heirs of the deceased that opted for the reverse mortgage. I’ve heard the heirs grievances over and over again. One person, in particular, still grumbles about his parents obtaining a reverse mortgage as if it happened yesterday! They moved on to the silver lining in the sky years ago. “It was MY inheritance!” He says.

To start this, our children are not entitled to an inheritance. They may very well receive an inheritance, but entitled, no. But you wouldn’t know they weren’t entitled if you talked with some of them!

A reverse mortgage is not in favor of the heir(s) IE: Our children. It is for the person that owns the home. It’s all about the homeowner getting some, maybe all, of the money he/she put into the home, back out.

The way I understand the reverse mortgage is a person that is 62+ years old AND outright owns their home, or has a very low mortgage due, can obtain a loan against the equity that they have in their home. This equity loan is then distributed to the homeowner. They can receive it in monthly payments a lot like a retirement account. The homeowner has options as to how much they want to receive each month and other loan options.

Now, if the homeowner dies before they have repaid the reverse mortgage loan, then the reverse mortgage lender can still recoup their funds when the home is sold. That’s why the homeowner must have a low balance owing, so there is plenty of money to pay off the original mortgage and the reverse mortgage.

If the homeowner still had a high balance owing on their mortgage, that would mean they have a low equity amount in the home. When the homeowner passes away and the home is sold, the original loan must be fulfilled before the reverse mortgage. The reverse mortgage lender might not be able to recoup their loaned funds. Thus, the home must have enough equity to cover the original mortgage balance and the reverse mortgage balance.

The grievance that heirs have about the reverse mortgage is they are expected to fulfill the reverse mortgage loan when the homeowner dies by selling the home and paying off the original mortgage loan and the reverse mortgage loan. Heirs don’t like that.

From my experience heirs do not like to pay off any bills belonging to their parents even if it is paid off with equity the parents left in the home. Heirs want all the equity.

I have experienced first hand the anger and despise of an adult sibling attempting to obtain all that he could from our mother’s estate, but was accidently thwarted by me.

Our aged mother owned a home which she bought for mere pennies on the dollar back in the 1950’s. She was well over 65 years old and still working full time to pay bills. When we all met on vacation I was talking with my mother and suggested, “Mom, why don’t you sell the house, or do one of those reverse mortgages, use the money to travel for a few years? You would be able to retire and not worry about bills anymore. You’d be able to enjoy your Golden years instead of working and worrying.” Mother said she’d think about it, but she was doubtful she would stop working since it gave her something to do and feel needed in this world. That was the end of the conversation.

I hoped she would take my advice. I wanted to see her enjoy all the equity she worked so many years to achieve. It felt like it would be a reward for her and all seniors that work so hard to save. They should enjoy their money finally!

Not long after that conversation, I received a scathing letter from my older brother accusing me of “ruining” him. He had overheard my conversation with our mother. We weren’t hiding our conversation at all. He should have sat down and joined us, but instead he just listened and became enraged. His letter also stated that because I had “told our mother to sell the house” I didn’t tell her to, I suggested it, and she didn’t sell it anyways! According to him, I now owed him $1,000,000! No, joke, seriously. I owed him $1,000,000 for suggesting our mother sell the home and enjoy her money.

Why? Why did he feel this way? Because he had intentions of our mother signing the home over to him alone so he would inherit everything. Then, he would sell it for $1,000,000 and now I had ruined it for him.

After his letter he still tried to take the home from our mother. When she passed away he insisted she had signed documents releasing the equity and home to him alone. These documents were never found. We gave him over a month to produce proof of this claim, but he produced nothing. Not even a note from our mother stating so.

What does this have to do with a reverse mortgage? It gives you insight into how the heirs mind works. They are counting up their parents money before the parent has even become ill. They are shoveling the dirt into the hole before the parent has turned 60 years old! Siblings, friends, acquaintances, multiple people, have aired their grievances to me when they learned they were not going to receive all the money they’ve decided they will inherit from their parents.

When one of these people finds out about a reverse mortgage their parent has taken out, the heir more often than not, becomes enraged. There is nothing they can do about it and they know it.

The parent that enjoyed the reverse mortgage is gone. All we have left to provide some sort of feedback about reverse mortgages are the heirs. How do you think these heirs are going to rate reverse mortgages, regardless of the fact their parent probably enjoyed their twilight years and had less stress? I have never heard a positive review by an heir, yet.

It’s very sad to see so many people looking at their parents with dollar signs in their eyes. I might leave something to my kids, I hope not. I hope I have a grand old time, one last Yahoo that takes everything I earned with me! We only live once, so LIVE IT, ENJOY IT! Reverse Mortgage it! 🙂

My favorite bumper sticker!

Disclaimer – I do not work for any mortgage company. I am not drumming up business for anyone or any lender. I am just a person that loved my parent and always put her happiness before anything I could ever want. Her happiness was what I wanted. I am not tolerant of people that do not respect others, their parents especially! I am outspoken on the subject of respect and those that do not utilize it. LOVE YOUR FAMILY. RESPECT YOUR PARENTS!! They OWE you nothing!

Keeping A Watchful Eye On Your Work

We have done a lot of work learning how to create useful, above average content, but there’s one topic we haven’t covered. Through it all I’ve always had a way to access my work online and be able to edit it. There are a couple of book readers available, I use the Kindle.

As a new writer (1st year or 2) I had a constant companion, my Kindle. With my websites and articles I was writing, when there was a comment, I needed to answer it NOW. When there was an error reported, I needed to fix it NOW. I knew I needed to be faster and better than the next guy, or I’d go down in rank, especially when I first started out. This runs true for you as well.

Online work is all about being better and faster than the other guys. If a question or comment is posed and your competitor answers it within 5 minutes of its posting and you get around to it 30 minutes later, who do you think is going to rise up in the ranks? Not you that’s for sure. You need to be on it to get your position with the search engine. That means have a way of connecting at all times.

A cell phone is simply too small to answer questions and edit your work. A computer works great but who can haul around a PC all day? That’s where the Kindle slips right into action. I can get a notification on my phone, while out shopping, or whatever I’m doing, stop what I’m doing for a minute, pull out my Kindle and do whatever the notification required. I don’t carry a purse so I slip my Kindle into my waste band for convenience. The Kindle has a smooth surface and it won’t start-up by itself while you carry it.

I have gone through two Kindle’s and I’m ready for a third. Don’t get the wrong idea, Kindle’s are sturdy little things! Each one has lasted five years plus. Even the one that was left outside, in the rain, for an entire Winter, fired right up when we found it! I’m terribly rough on my gadgets, it’s just my lifestyle and Kindle is the only one that can keep up with me! The Kindle below is mine. Surprisingly you barely see the crack running all the way through the screen. From the top left, through the 12:37 to the other edge. Either my dog or myself sat on it by accident and the thing still works perfectly. The crack bugs me to look at, and I saw this deal, so I’m looking at a new one.

My Kindle. It’s like the Energizer Bunny! It keeps going, and going, and going!

I grabbed the code to share with you all. It’s only good for 10 days, sorry, but that’s the way good deals always go. I’m sure there will be others in the future sometime, but right now this is what I’m using.

How to Get Online With a Kindle

I use my phones Mobile Hot Spot option and then the hot spot shows up on my Kindles Wifi list and I can click on it and go online with the Kindle.

Also I downloaded apps that would help me edit my websites and articles when I’m using my Kindle. Apps like Microsoft Word and spell check, stuff like that. I can literally create posts where ever I am with my Kiindle.

Not to leave out other book readers, I haven’t heard much about the other reader called the Nook. I don’t know if it is still in production. I’ve been so pleased with the Kindle I haven’t needed to look elsewhere. But it is another option for you.

What Goes Around…

I’m a firm believer in the adage “What Goes Around Comes Around” and the older I get the more often I see it happen in real life.

This adage especially hits home when it comes to children. Children are a reflection of us, for the most part. We can do our best to instill respect and kindness in our children, but it won’t necessarily be the behavior they decide to retain when they become an adult. If the latest trend with their peers is easier, better or makes them look good in their friends eyes, they will follow that path.

They grow up to be their own individual, with the addition of what their generation see’s as cool. And it appears the last generation found parental alienation to be their “thing”. It’s like an epidemic, an illness, one that is spreading across America like a post gone viral! We never know who it will infect. A perfectly good parent, raises a happy child, then the adult child catches the virus and all is lost. The affected adult child becomes distant and secretive. Then they stop calling and texting. Then, when the parent attempts to contact the adult child the parent is unwittingly attacked verbally by the adult child. Blamed for all kinds of abuses completely unknown to the parent. The venom and anger in the attack is heartbreaking. The illness only progresses from there to complete alienation of the unsuspecting, heartbroken parent. The disease takes the adult child, the grandchildren and anyone else that can be recruited by the infected adult child.

Estrangement….The Epidemic

Adult children that choose to estrange themselves from their mother, or father, or both, will decide to start a family before they have resolved the issue. Or, sometimes, to try and fill the gaping hole left when they estranged themselves.

If they do have children amidst their estrangement illness they unknowingly, and intentionally, involve their children. Withholding visits with the grandparent, not allowing the grandparent to meet the child, etc. Maybe having a child of their own is their way of “showing” their estranged parent how to raise a child “right” since they feel they were raised so wrong. It’s just part of the illness. You can’t take it personally.

Every estranged adult child that I have heard talk, and there are several hundred, they always come to the conclusion that their parent was terrible and raised them poorly. It’s the “Blame Your Parents for Your Screwed Up Life” syndrome we all experienced back in the 1980’s. When people were seeking counseling for their issues in life and their counselors were directing them to blame their parents. Absolving the person of all responsibility for their life pretty much.

Well, It’s a major part of this illness. It’s been polished up with some new tactics added and key phrases like estranged son, estranged daughter, estranged parent and toxic parenting to name a few.

Fortunately my generation, the X Gen, realized all this blaming our parents wasn’t getting US anywhere. If anything we were digressing in our everyday affairs and blaming our parents for it. A lot of us, if not most of us, kicked the counseling to the curb and took responsibility for our actions and our future. Without damaging our relationships with our parents, we took the reins of our life and moved forward.

With this enigma rearing its ugly head again in this epidemic, we are seeing the estranged adult damage their family unit like never before. The estranged adult child doesn’t appear to care to self reflect, or take responsibility for their lives, or what they say and do to their parent(s). They want to strip their parent(s) of any love or family contact. They’re teaching their parents a lesson that doesn’t end. What they are really doing is sewing seeds. Seeds of destruction and despair. Seeds of devastating hurt to come. Insidious, evil little seeds. And they are unwittingly planting them in their own children.

Beware of what thou sew, for thou shall reap the same!

These estranged adults show their children; We don’t call our family regularly. If our family calls we are to be rude, cold, irritated on the phone with them. Tell them we don’t want to talk to them anymore. Tell them they are toxic and hang up. Tell them don’t call anymore. Remind them that they’ll never see their grandchildren. And we have no explanation to give for treating our family like this, but that is how we treat family.

Day in and day out, these little children see the way their mother or father treats their parents. That’s all they know. It’s the only thing they learn about treating family members is what their parent does. These little children learn it, they learn it well.

When the estranged adult parent becomes older, and their child starts treating them, the way they were taught to treat family, it’s going to be a sad downward spiral. And just like their own parents did, they will beg for their child to stop, to listen, to just let them be a part of their lives. But they taught their children well, and their sweet little child that they never took to visit grandma, that they never spoke of grandma, or nicely about her, that sweet little child will turn his/her back, with the coldest of shoulder, and walk out, just like mommy (or daddy) did to their parents and they might say, “This is how you taught me to treat my family.”

What It Feels Like When Your Adult Child Estranges You.

What goes around . . . . will come around……you can mark my words.

Create a CSS Stylesheet in Notepad

We went over creating an HTML page with Notepad yesterday. Today we’ll create a CSS AKA: Cascading Style Sheet.

A CSS code is used to style an HTML document. When you create a website a browser reads the HTML file and any CSS code, javascript, etc., written within the HTML. It then displays it according to what those codes tell it to do.

Internal Style Sheet

Sometimes the CSS code is written directly into the HTML. This is called an internal style sheet. The code is written between the <head> and </head> tags using the <style> tag.

Inline Style Sheet

Other times the CSS code will affect only a specific phrase, word or paragraph. This is called an in line style sheet. It is written on the same line that it is to affect using the <style> tag and the attribute that is to be applied.

External Style Sheet

When the website has several pages in it an external CSS is used. This is the type of style sheet we will go over today. The external style sheet can be applied to several HTML documents. When the CSS code is altered it will affect all the pages. An entire website can be formatted from one style sheet. This saves a lot of time, otherwise you would have to modify every single page of a website.

By entering the <link> tag the browser reads the file you have entered a link to, and applies it across all the pages of the website.

The <link> tag is a pointer that is placed inside the <head> and </head> tags of the HTML document.

Any text editor can be used to write a CSS style sheet. We can use Notepad as we did with the HTML we wrote yesterday. We’ll have it affect the HTML we created yesterday as well.

Create Your CSS Code

Open a new Notepad document. Click Start ->All Programs -> Notepad. This is going to be the CSS file that we put a link to our HTML document.

Enter the code:

{color: white;text-align: center;}

Click Save and name it something like “mystyle” (minus the quotes). Save it as a .css file type.

To save it as a .css file type: Click File, then Save. In the box at the bottom where it says name type mystyle.css. Below that box is another box. Click on the arrow at the side of it and select ALL FILES. Click Save.

Now we will add a link to the .css file you just created in the HTML document from yesterday. It will cause the HTML document to “look” for your style sheet, we just created, in the folder you direct it to look in, and then it will apply what you have written.

Open the HTML from yesterday. If you can’t find it make sure the ALL FILES is selected in the Open File window at the bottom of the box (see photo below).

Add the following <link> to the HTML after the <head> section. (Insert the name in which you saved your .css file if it is different than the suggested mystyle.css: <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”mystyle.css”> It should look like the photo below.

This tells the browser you’re using a style sheet and it is in the format of text/css and to retrieve it in “mystyle.css”

Now save the HTML document = File, Save.

Locate the HTML you just now saved. This time double click on it with your left clicker. Your document should open in your web browser like a web page with the edits you just did. It should look like the photo below:

That Was Too Easy! Congratulations!

You should practice changing the color, font and size. Just open your style sheet and change the words. For example: change yellow to blue, or light blue, or pink, whatever you like. If you know the number for a color you like you can enter that number instead of the color name. HTML understands literal color names and color code numbers. Then save the style sheet and open your HTML by double clicking on it and voila, your changes have taken place on the screen!

If an external link is placed after the internal style sheet in the HTML <head> section the external will take precedence over the internal style sheet.

Website Development Shortcut

As you have learned, writing HTML is meticulous. Every semicolon, every bracket, every closing / must be in place or the browser won’t display it correctly, or at all. This can be HIGHLY frustrating when your page won’t display, or displays wrong, and you have to go through line after line of your code looking for what you missed (Yes, what you missed. Browsers don’t read wrong.)

If you will be writing more than one page of HTML, or just don’t want to forget how to write it, you can simplify the process by saving a template, or commonly called a frame of the HTML that you know works. Then, when you need to write an HTML page all you need to do is open your frame and fill in the details!

It looks like an article explaining frames is called for next!

3 Good Reasons To Clear Your Cache & Cookies

When you visit any website a cookie and cache file is stored in the cache on your computer. There are 3 good reasons to clear your computer of cache of the cache & cookies.

The information stored in the cookie is about you, your password and user name for faster sign in when you return to their website. It also contains information about the browser you’re using, the type of device you are using, the time and date of your visit and what ever else the website developer decided is useful for tracking you.

The information in the stored information cache is about the website you visited. Java script, photo’s, files that make their web page load slow are stored in the cache so the next time you visit it can load faster because their website information is already stored on your computer. Not ALL of the website information but a fair amount of information. This cache file can identify you as the same person that was there on another day or time.

  1. Clean your cache & cookie file for a faster computer. If you find your computer is working slower than usual, it may be these files in the cache, cookies file or a combination of them both clogging up your computers memory with redundant, trash and information from some websites you’ll never visit again. When there is a lot of files trying access your computers available memory it slows your system down.
  2. Clean your cache & cookies when they are old and stale. The information in these files can become outdated quickly. When you clear the cache & cookies from your computer a new one will be set by the websites you visit.
  3. Clean your cache & cookies to wipe away that you visited previously. This is one of the most important reasons why I regularly clear my cache & cookies. There are some websites that will direct you to a different page, or different pricing, if they recognize you are a repeat visitor. They determine if your a repeat visitor through the cookie file they set on your computer. Travel and vacation websites appear to be the most common perpetrators of price switching. You visit a site, look up the price of a vacation you’re looking forward to and the next visit the price is higher. No, you didn’t read it wrong. The price was jacked up because your showing the website your a repeat visitor which means you are seriously thinking about this vacation and they want to cash in on what they have learned about you.

Clear your cache & cookies bi-monthly or at least monthly depending on your browsing habits. More browsing = clear more often.

HTML 5 On Your Website!

Congratulations on your website. I’m assuming you are reading this because you intend on, or already have, a website.

Regardless of how or where you launch your website you will have opportunities to modify the HTML. There is also the CSS on websites.

HTML 5 is the most recent computer language. I will refer to it as just HTML for this article but it is the HTML 5 language. CSS is the Cascading Style Sheet which puts the color, style, the you! into a page of content.

There is so much to each of these, HTML and CSS, that they both need their own space. Don’t let that worry you in the least! You can make your HTML as difficult or as easy as you wish. This article we will cover HTML 5. By the end of this article you will have a page of HTML written by you.

There is a lot to HTML only because there are various alterations that can be made by you to the basic page. This article we will make a basic page, with what is needed just to make it readable by the internet. So, yeah, when your done you will be able to upload the page to your ftp server and it will show up on your internet page.

There are several ways to write HTML. There is a huge popularity for sites like WordPress because they do all the HTML work for you. You just choose which item you want on your web page (using widgets or plugins) and it is fully written and displayed where ever you choose. Even though the HTML is written already you can alter it. Both the HTML and the CSS can be altered to your liking. They have several boxes available for CSS structuring. We will do CSS tomorrow because to be able to work with CSS you need to understand the basics of HTML or you will have no idea what your affecting with your script. So HTML is drawing a picture with a pencil. There you have a picture drawn with lead on a piece of white paper. That’s the basic HTML. Very boring, but it’s there. Then, CSS is the colored pencils and the cool stencils you use to make the picture attractive. Java script is the actions you put into that colored picture! But we aren’t talking about Java today.

In a Nutshell

  • HTML – Draws the plain, basic, bare bones of the page.
  • CSS – Puts the color and the cool fonts (sizes and types) into that HTML page or pages.
  • Java – Moves the items on the page.

Write an HTML Page

So, moving right along. . . you will be using either Notepad or Wordpad to construct your page. Most people use Notepad for it’s simplicity and straightforwardness. Notepad could be called a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) program. Go ahead and open up Notepad on your computer.

I have my Notepad open. I am going to write a page right along with you. I’ll upload my progress in a photo so you can compare yours.

How A Page Is Read By Computers

A computer that is going to read an HTML page reads it in sections. At the top is a Header section where the title or main thought is written. There are various entries you can put into the header like commands or codes that won’t be displayed to the reader of the page only the computer reading it. Next there is the Body of the page which has such things as Headings and Paragraphs within it. So the computer reads it like this:

The first thing you type is, what you might call, an introduction to the computer reading your HTML page as pictured above. As soon as the reading computer opens this document you want it to know what language you are speaking to it with:

<!DOCTYPE html>

The less than sign < must be present at the beginning of every command and at the end of the command. The exclamation mark says, “Look here computer!” then, ” I’m writing a document type of html.” Then the greater than sign closes the command.

The next line will be to announce the beginning of your html document with:

<!DOCTYPE html>

That is the bottom line basic you have to always have at the beginning of the HTML page. If you were to upload that to the Internet Explorer it would bring up a page, but it would be blank. There’s nothing in it but a command to the computer reading it, right? You want to put a Header section next. The Header section contains the title or announcement of the page. For example, within the header, you want people to read My First HTML Page! You would enter:

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>My First HTML Page!</title>

Notice the new entry? Every item has a specific terminology for the command. For example: <p> = paragraph, <body> = the main part of a web page, <h1> through <h8> = size of titles, h1 being the largest. You may have to look up the exact terminology sometimes. The / must be put at the end of the entry after a command. For example: <title> must have </title> at the end of the title, <p> must have </p> at the end of the paragraph, <html> must have a </html> at the end of the html document. Whatever has a <???> must have a closing </???>

The content of your web page, where you want to write your copy/article is called the <body>. Inside the body you will have maybe a title and paragraphs. Remember when the <body> is opened, put everything you want in it, them remember to close each item and close the </body> close the body.

Your Notepad document should look similar without the black list points at the beginning of each sentence:

  • <!DOCTYPE html>
  • <html>
  • <head>
  • <title>This Is My First HTML Page!</title>
  • <body>
  • <h1>This is Cool<h1>
  • <p>Creating HTML is cool and easy to do!</p>
  • </body>
  • </html>

When I first started learning HTML one of my first questions was, “Why is everything on separate lines? Why isn’t it all written out like normal.” There’s a very good answer that took a long time before I found. It’s two reasons. 1. When you add all the different elements for an entire web page to be colorful, engaging, dynamic and what ever else you want, having the HTML written out like regular writing would look like this:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>This Is My First HTML Page!</title><body><h1>This is cool<h1><p>Creating HTML is cool and easy to do!</p></body></html>

The computer can read either form. But imagine your browser returns an error in what you’ve just written (usually the doctype is much larger). And you have to go back and find it. Which type do you think would be easier for you to search and fix? The error is returned with a line number usually. Even with that help, what a mess to try and look for what you missed. It can be anything from a word missing to a punctuation mark out of place to make a doctype not run.

Reason #2. It’s just plain easier to keep track of where your at and what your opening and closing and filling in!

The format that you write in is up to you, of course. The first method is a newbie method, the second is an advanced program method.

Back to our work. You have Notepad with your DOCTYPE written up with a minimum of formatting, and that’s fine, that’s all we want today, get something that will present on Internet Explorer, right!

Now the most important part, if you ask me, simple but very important! You need to save it in an HTML extension file.

  • Click on File
  • Save As
  • In the File Name box at the bottom of the pop up window, type MyWebsite.html.
  • Below that in the Save As Type, click on the arrow for the drop-down menu and select ALL FILES. Remember where you are saving it!
  • Select Save

You can close Notepad if it is still open.

Navigate to the folder that you saved your file in. Locate the file. The icon for it should be your default web browser icon. If not, don’t fret.

Right click on your saved HTML file. In the menu select Open. It may ask you what program you want to open this type of file with, select your default browser, or Internet Explorer.

Your browser will open and your HTML will show up on the page just like a website! If you have a website with hosting you can upload your HTML file through an ftp service and it would display your HTML for the entire world to see!

Granted this HTML is a bit boring and there’s so much more you probably want to tell the world! That’s where the CSS style sheet will come in handy. Tomorrow we’ll go over the different types of CSS style sheets and we’ll jazz-up that HTML you just created!

Take your HTML further with learning tools like:

You can close your browser like normal, your HTML file is safely stored on your computer for tomorrow.

I Launched My Website, Now What?

Here on Shit-Head we’ve been going over the fundamentals of becoming an affiliate marketer. Learning, and practicing, to write awesome content/copy with near perfect, if not perfect, English. We’ve also found methods to improve our writing skills so that when we launch our own website it can run with the others and not get stomped.

When you decide your ready to launch a website, or run ad campaigns from just an email address, whatever your individual affiliate marketing option you choose to pursue, you will need to set-up some sort of tracking method.

You’ll be flopping around like a fish on a hot dock if you don’t have something to provide you with feedback about visitors to your website. How would you know if an affiliate product your promoting on your website is of interest to your visitors, or not, without tracking of some sort? How would you hone your niche if you couldn’t see what people are clicking on with your website? Is the traffic flow smooth or are your visitors lost on your website? All of these questions are answered with a tracking tool. It’s a must have if you want to be a successful affiliate!

First you will want to find a tracking program you like. There are many programs to choose from. It depends on your website and what program will work with it, whether you find the presentation of the data pleasing and whatever personal preference you’re looking for. Some of the more common programs are:

I also use Monster Insights along with Google Analytics. Actually Monster Insights IS Google Analytics. It’s the Google Analytics plugin that you can download to your WordPress web site.

Sometimes I want to drill down into a web page I have or analyze a piece of data on my website and that’s what Monster Insights is great for. But, I don’t need a bunch of information everyday. I have four websites I administer, so I need quick, easy to read, summarized reports for my daily checks.

Monster Insights is a Free plugin, but of course you can upgrade to get even more out of the program.

MouseflowI used Mouseflow for the two week Free introductory period. Setting up my websites with it was simple enough, but setting the “do not track” portion was a little more complicated. Once I setup my websites the information poured in. I found I wanted to tweak the settings more to reduce the depth of the information provided. By the time I got around to tweaking the settings my trial period was over. I won’t pay for what I can get for Free. But you may enjoy the in-depth reporting so it may be worth checking out. The program offers heat maps so you can track exactly where visitors went! At least take advantage of the Free trial.

Tracking programs use algorithms to record data from your website. It’s recorded into reader friendly report pages. Then, the report is displayed for you. With Google Analytics and Mouseflow you need to go to their respective website to view your website activity. Monster Insights is displayed right on a WordPress site menu if you’re using WordPress.

You can run a search for website tracking programs and find one you like. Or you can try something like the Monster Insights. It’s a simple plugin. Plug it into your website. If you don’t like it….unplug it! Simple as that!

Distracted Driving

I should think that we all agree that distracted driving is a problem. Yet, we are guilty of it on more than one occasion.

It’s going to happen. Imagine you’re driving to pick up your child at an after school function and your cell phone rings…’s your child your heading to pick up.

For myself, all sorts of things run through my mind: She knows I’m on my way, so why is she calling? Did they change the meeting spot? Is she being bothered by someone? Is she injured? Within just a couple of rings that and more runs through my mind. Of course we’re going to answer the call, something could be wrong!

I know, I know, you use the hands free thing so you’re perfectly legal answering the call. Sure, the law says you can talk as long as you use the hands free option, but those few precious seconds when you’re looking where the phone is at, then hitting the answer button? Even if it is hooked up to the steering wheel there are a few seconds that you take your mind off of the road to answer the call.

Stopping Distance –

Speed Decision Distance Stop Distance

30 mph 30 ft. 45 ft.

40 mph 40 ft. 80 ft.

50 mph 50 ft. 125 ft.

60 mph 60 ft. 180 ft.

Now, imagine that same scenario, but now imagine you aim to touch the answer button, but suddenly an ad pops up! You end up hitting the ad instead and now the cell phone is heading off to the website that ad wants you to visit. So you start hitting the back button to get back to the ad in the first place so you can hit the X and close the ad. But where is the X?! It’s gotta be there somewhere, where the hell is it!! As you’re searching for the blacked out, faded X another ad pops up!!

The whole reason you picked up the phone was to answer what may be an urgent call from your child and now your playing Whack The Ad and Find The X driving at 55 mph maybe even 60 mph!! Now we’re looking at 10, 12 even 15 seconds of your eyes off of the road. Thank goodness it was only a phone call you were trying to answer because if it was a text message you were composing you wouldn’t have a chance.

Ads should never have been put on cell phones! Yeah, I know, everybody wants to make money with ads, but at the cost of human lives?? That’s just ridiculous. Cell phones are for phone calls and text messaging. It’s completely inappropriate to put advertisements on such a device.

Even if your just walking along the sidewalk and a call comes in you must stop to navigate and dodge your way through all of the ads that pop up! We have to draw the line somewhere with these advertisers.

No, we shouldn’t be answering calls and texting when we drive. But it’s going to happen sometimes. We do NOT need advertisements popping up on the screen when trying to do so!

How many times have you been driving when your cell phone rings, or chimes that a text message was received? Did you take a quick glance to see who had called? Did you answer the call or read the text message? I’d bet that 99.9% of the population that has a cell phone has done just that.