Prejudice Against The Poor

Prejudice: 1. harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgement. 2. cause harm to (a state of affairs).

There is a huge problem with prejudice against the poor and lower income people of America. It is abominable when fee’s and charges are assessed to these people!  Disabled, unemployed and single parents, are the prime target of these prejudice practices.  The people who need help the most are the one’s fleeced by banks, and government bureau’s everyday. 

If a person of low income does not have money to pay a bill then how in the world are they going to pay the bill PLUS penalties?! What is going on here? I like electricity, I enjoy water coming from my spigot, I pay my bill to have this continue. What would happen if one day I couldn’t pay one or some of these bills? What happens when a disability strikes or unemployment and the money simply isn’t there? I’ll tell you what happens. Business and governments ADD more to the unpaid bill! Like that is going to fix it! When in reality what happens is people become homeless or their water is shut off. How can our society be so backwards. How can we punish people that simply don’t have the money?

This is a long article, but, it is well worth the reading if you can stick it out with me!

This is a kind of abuse that people of authority play upon the low income people. People that are given authority can, and will, abuse that authority.  It’s a proven fact.  Need I remind you of the Stanford Prison Experiment?  The students granted the position of “Guard” became sadistic and abused the “Prisoners”.  Why do so many people ignore this important insight into authority and those granted it?

We are all raised believing that certain questions are rude to ask. You know what I’m talking about: “Is that lady pregnant?” “No, she’s just over weight.”, Ouch! Or what about, “How much do you weigh?”, “How old are you?”. What about, “What is your salary?”, rude, tsk, tsk. And, “What kind of bills do you incur (or receive)?” No way, don’t ask, very rude. But that’s EXACTLY what they rely on. Who is they? The government, banks, utility companies, etc. They rely on our secretive nature about our bills to gouge, overcharge, and generally hack into our bank accounts.

I can clearly remember my mother telling me, “That’s rude. You don’t ask about other people’s finances.” As a matter of fact, growing up in my household, you didn’t ask about anyone’s finances. Why? If we don’t talk about it, then nobody will know!

If I don’t tell you about the ridiculous fee’s I am charged by the bank, or the clandestine penalties I’m charged by the DMV, how will you know? How will we be able to say, as a collective voice of society, “No, this is wrong! You will not charge us these exorbitant fee’s and get away with it.” We won’t. And that is exactly what they want! We will all sit by, oblivious, while our neighbors, friends, family and the rest of society is torn into financially. This needs to change!

There are three incidents, of people fleeced, I was witness to, that have been festering in my soul since I heard about them. They may not have happened to me personally, but they were just as upsetting for me as if they had. Then, over the weekend, I was told about yet another atrocity. I can’t take it anymore, I have to do something, I must write about it!

If you look at how our society is set-up it is not for dealing with financial issues, it is completely defective. When people who are not financially secure are charged more fee’s than anyone else in society, there is a problem! These scenario’s are so disheartening because they happened to the people who simply do not have the money to deal with these fee’s, penalties, and charges. These people will go without such basic necessities as food, clothing, electricity in their home, because of these fee’s. These are NOT the people who should be charged when a bill cannot be paid by them. These are not the people who have the means to earn more money, or borrow it from someone. These are the people society needs to lend a hand to. These are the people that should be LAST on the list to be penalized! They are already penalized with their knowledge that they can’t pay a bill, or they can’t buy their children clothing. These people don’t LIKE the fact they cannot pay a bill. They do not LIKE that they can’t register their car. Who in his right mind doesn’t want to be able to drive their car? Who can conduct a normal, or semi-normal life without a car? Yet, they are charged, and charged, and charged, again if they do not have the money.

Let me tell you what I know. I will keep to the facts, and I will omit no truths in the following stories:

Bank Gets Off Scott-Free With Fraud

An Entrepreneur took a shot at starting their own business. This business relied on receiving payments occasionally from unknown people. Things were going well, when a check was presented from a new customers. Unsure of the validity of the check, it was brought to their bank. Upon depositing the check it was made clear to the bank representative that the validity of the check was unknown, “I don’t know this person, but they want to do business with me. I don’t want anything to do with the money on this check until it clears their bank. How long should I wait to see if it clears their bank?” The teller responded with, “Give it 24 hrs to clear their bank.” That was no problem and the check was put in for deposit and left to clear their bank.

Three days later upon returning to the bank, the very same bank representative was working. There was an inquiry, “Has the check I deposited the other day cleared their bank yet?” The bank representative acknowledged that it had cleared their bank, “Yes, it has cleared their bank just fine.” The funds were then withdrawn to complete the transaction requested by the customer.

Two weeks later, returning to the bank for other bank transactions, upon walking into the bank the very same bank representative immediately came over, “I’ve been trying to call you all day!” said the bank representative. “That check you deposited. It wasn’t good. We need you to give us the money back.” Shocked, and unbelieving, the response to that was, “You told me it cleared their bank! I told you I didn’t want anything to do with the money until it cleared their bank! Why did you tell me it had cleared their bank if it had not?” The bank representative answered, “I’m sorry, I should have keyed it in, but I didn’t. Now we really need that money back.” The reply to that was, “I do not have the money. I completed the customers purchase and gave them their product. You told me the check cleared their bank. It’s your problem now.” That was the end of the conversation. What could be done, the bank had been reassuring that the check cleared the check writers bank when it indeed had not.

The bank initiated a bounced check accusation against the entrepreneur claiming the business had bounced a check. Nothing was said about the bank representative ensuring the check had cleared the check writers bank. There’s nothing the entrepreneur/business owner could do to alert people that the bank assisted in fraud.

The only apology from the bank was the “Sorry, I should have keyed it in.” When the accusation of a bounced check scenario provided nothing for resolution to the bank the bank placed a negative transaction on the entrepreneurs credit report stating that she owes money and isn’t paying. This negative credit report entry will stay on the credit report for eight years!

The entrepreneur/business owner was lied to by the bank representative. The business owner was trying to be conscientious and careful by waiting until the check cleared the check writers bank. The bank representative was told this and that nothing was to be done with the money until it had cleared. The bank aided and abetted this fraud.

Who do we trust if we can’t trust our own bank? How do people conduct a business when their bank won’t help them identify fraud? This was the perfect situation for the bank and the business owner to collaborate and catch a criminal with a fraudulent check, but instead the bank gave the business owner fraudulent information thus allowing the person that created the bad check to get away scott-free.

Money And The Domino Effect

Coincidently, this next scenario comes from the same bank as mentioned above. Same bank, completely different person/situation. This person is disabled. They do not receive anything from disability as of yet. They had applied nearly a year before. A meager retirement fund, and hand-outs from family was her means of supporting herself at the time. Getting by, but barely, she was slammed by her bank.

As many of us have done in our lives, intentionally, or unintentionally, she had to kite a check. Kiting a check is the act of writing a check to pay someone like PG & E, or the water bill, or to a private party, etc. when the funds are not in your account yet. The idea is to pay the bill so your basic necessities won’t be turned off, with the hope your deposit beats the check to your bank account to cover the check.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose kiting checks. When a person is living on a meager income, sometimes this is the only way. My disabled friend used this method to pay the rent on her home one month. Her landlord insisted on payment or she was to vacate the premises. So, she wrote the check on Friday, knowing she would have the full amount in the bank on Monday morning. Well, you guessed it, the landlord went down and immediately cashed the check at his bank. The check got to her bank before she did Monday morning.

Come Monday morning, she deposited the funds into her account, nothing was said. The receipt reflected enough money to cover the check written on Friday. Lo-and-behold, the check had already arrived at midnight Sunday. She was already overdrawn and didn’t know it. The bank sent her a notice in the mail that she was overdrawn. This was received Wednesday. By the time she got to the bank Thursday morning, the account had been overdrawn for four days. The bank assessed her fee’s to the tune of $800!! How in the world could that happen you ask? When the check for the rent overdrew her account Sunday at midnight, the bank assessed fee’s on her account of $15 for the check immediately, plus $5 per day that the check was not paid. When she made the deposit on Monday morning it was not enough to cover the ensuing checks coming through because she did not account for the $15 plus $5 a day assessment. Any check or debit on the account was bounced, or denied which caused $15 per item plus $5 a day per item. This snowball effect went on until she received the letter from the bank on Wednesday. Within those four days she went bankrupt and didn’t even know it. If the $15 plus $5 a day had not been assessed without her knowledge, the overdraft would not have happened, but the fee’s charged caused one, after another, after another to overdraft her account. With much dismay and irritation, she made phone calls, visited the bank, and generally made an uproar about it until some of the fee’s were waved by the bank. She still had to pay the $15 per item, but just this once, and I’m sure to get her out of the bank, they removed the $5 a day for each item. She still had creditors to answer to why her payment was returned. There was several days of clean-up to people this disabled person had to go through. The bank took their fee’s out of her account for the next couple of months until they were all paid in full.

Non-Op Costs

This last scenario was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I am still reeling from reading the letter the bank sent him. This involves yet another disabled person. He was given a much-needed car when a family member passed away. As things would have it, the car was in fine shape, but it needed minor repair work over time. IE: new brakes, SMOG test, new tires, etc. This was becoming all too much for him to afford. During this time another ailment befell him and his feet became disfigured, preventing him from pressing the pedals in his car. When the registration came due, he did not have the money to pay it. The car was in working condition, but he couldn’t drive it with his feet disfigured, so he left it to sit. In California, in order to place your vehicle as NON-OP (non operational) the registration must be paid, then a fee is charged for the NON-OP status, with taxes and other fee’s applied. He did not have the money in the first place for registration so where do they think he is going to get it for registration AND Non-Op status?! This makes no sense. It is completely backwards thinking!

The Department of Motor Vehicles was persistent in collecting their due registration fee’s. He contacted the DMV and told him his plight, to no avail. He did not drive it, he couldn’t drive it especially with his foot condition, but that didn’t matter to the DMV. They wanted their money and they wanted it now! The car was parked in his yard. Cobwebs grew from it, dirt and weeds collected around the tires.

Fast forward two years. The car really has cobwebs now! His financial situation is improving, slowly, very slowly, but he is able to open a bank account to pay his bills. Previously he did not have enough money to open a bank account!

About two months after opening this bank account to pay bills with, he receives a notice from the bank that his account is overdrawn. He wheels himself down to the bank to find out how this could be since he just opened the account. When he got to the bank he is notified that a legal action has been taken against his account by who??……The DMV!! They assessed his account, and got legal permission to remove from his account an amount of over $150 without any prior notice to him! Then, to top it off, the bank charged him another $125! The banks reasoning for this fee……for dealing with the DMV. They assessed him a fee of $125 for dealing with the DMV! What the heck is that? Isn’t that their job, to deal with money? Now they can assess a fee for doing what they do for everyone else for free? So, now his account is minus an unexpected $250. Guess what happened with the bills he had paid recently? You know exactly what happened, they were all denied, returned to his creditors! On top of the $35 returned check fee the bank charged him, those creditors charged him fee’s on top of that for their payment being denied! This is all so much craziness my mind is reeling! And here is the show stopper, the DMV will continue to take this $125 out of his account each month until the registration, on the car he can’t drive, with cobwebs growing on it, until it is paid in full AND they have put a lock on his Safe Deposit Box he has at the bank! What does his Safe Deposit Box

have to do with the DMV? How do they have the power to lock him out of his personal belongings held in that Box? He cannot access anything in his Safe Deposit Box until the fee’s are paid in full which are approximately $900.

How in this whole wide world does the DMV have the power to force a disabled person to pay a registration for a car he can’t even drive? The DMV is collecting registrations to pay for our roads, to repair street signs, and lights. They are collecting the fee’s on our behalf, the American person. As they see it everyone that uses the roads contributes to repairing them. Where are they going now with this outline of duties? They work for us! I say wave the fee! Leave him alone. Pick on someone else! Stop bullying people! Who doesn’t want to use their car? Who doesn’t want to pay the registration so they can drive their car? Nobody that I know of. So when someone CAN’T pay the registration, or registration PLUS NON-OP fee’s, don’t chase them down and FORCE it out of them!! You have no right! If they drive the vehicle they will be pulled over and cited. There’s the punishment. We don’t need the DMV taking control of our checking accounts and safe deposit boxes over registrations! What is next? What if they just decide to forego sending out registration reminders, they are costly, waste of paper, and time, and they decide to just TAKE your money from your account for registration without notice? How does that shoe fit you? Does this sound appealing to you? I sure as heck hope not!

As I see it, these banks and DMV are flexing their muscles to see how, and what they can get away with on the American people. They have targeted people who are in need of representation, yet cannot afford such a luxury. These people can’t afford to go out and get an attorney to fight for their rights and the banks and the DMV know it! We need to put a stop to this at the ground floor we are on. Are you going to wait until it affects you and your bank account? Are you going to wait until you receive a letter in the mail that your overdrawn because the DMV swiped the money out of your account without your knowledge, and now you owe the bank thousands of dollars? Or, are you going to do something, anything, now while we still have a voice to say, “NO, this is wrong.”

Injustice In Our Justice System


January of 2018 a law was passed that made imprisoning someone for merely crossing the boarder is no longer legal. They had to release everyone they were violating, including Inmate B!! We have to pass laws so judges will stop imprisoning people for ridiculous reasons! Inmate B lost many precious years, but thank God, in whom I trust, it finally came to pass!

(I still laugh when a judge refers to a courtroom as HIS or HER courtroom. Of course I don’t laugh out loud, the judge would probably sentence me to prison I’m sure!! America, America, for thee I plea!)

Surely this is a conflict of interest. I have first hand knowledge of events occurring in the U.S. prison system right now. One of the persons involved has been a family friend for many years, the other, is a distant relative. Distance perhaps, but relative non-the-less.

For the purpose of anonymity, and to protect those involved from retaliation (Which comes in many forms wearing whatever hat suits them that day). I will refer to them as Inmate A, and Inmate B.

Inmate A

Inmate A has a long list of offenses starting back when he was 14 years old.  He has spent more time inside jail than he has outside. Inmate A is what people refer to as a violent alcoholic.  When he drinks alcoholic he loses his mind almost instantly.  Picking fights, vandalizing his belongings, and those of others, howling like an animal into the wee hours of the morning are all typical behaviors of this alcoholic.
When the average Joe would pass out due to over consumption of alcohol, Inmate A does not.  He has had several charges levied against him over the years.  Everything from Drunk in Public (Requiring multiple stints in diversion programs), violence while intoxicated, resisting arrest, fleeing from a scene, assault on an officer, assault on a patrol car, all the way up to attempted murder.  Yes, attempted murder, while intoxicated, of course.

The attempted murder conviction was due to a whirlwind, alcohol and drug fueled affair in which Inmate A had fell in love with a woman.  One morning, after a night of making love and drinking heavily, along with multiple drug ingestion’s, this woman Inmate A had fallen in love with, decided it would be a good idea to get something off of her chest.  She confessed to him that she was HIV positive.  Whether this statement was true or not, nobody knows.  But the way Inmate A handled it was witnessed by several people.  It was relayed that Inmate A went into an alcohol/drug fueled rage.  The woman was barely able to escape the motel room in which they had been staying.  She took to her heels and ran down the street to find the nearest bus station.  Inmate A jumped in his car and wheeled after her.  He espied her on the opposite side of the six lane road he was on. She was walking very fast, on the sidewalk. Inmate A, using his drunk/drugged driving skills, drove his car over the center median, across three lanes of on coming traffic, jumped the curb onto the sidewalk and floored it straight for her.  The woman heard all the noise of Inmate A completing his obstacle course and turned around just in time to leap out-of-the-way of his car barreling down on her.  She narrowly escaped, thank goodness. Inmate A lost control of the vehicle and careened into the side of a building. 
Inmate A was arrested and charged with attempted murder (His vehicle the weapon) and was subsequently sentenced to eight years in prison. 

Inmate B

Inmate B was in his late 30’s. He didn’t have a trade, but he found work often. He didn’t mind doing those jobs nobody else wants IE: digging holes, digging trenches, trash pick up, etc. He would do just about anything if it meant a paycheck at the end of the week. 

Inmate B spent his time off working on cars, playing darts and hanging out with friends. For a two month period he couldn’t find any work.  He couldn’t get public aid, so he turned to selling drugs to get him through this rough period. 

One evening Inmate B was with a friend driving down the road when his friend was pulled over for a brake light out.  They were stopped by the highway patrol.  The driver was released to go, but Inmate B was not.  They found a small amount of drugs he had in his pocket and arrested him, less than 1/10th of a gram.  Inmate B was charged with possession with intent to sell. Inmate B was sentenced to ten years in state prison!  He served every one of those ten years.  On his release date he was taken to see the judge.  The judge imposed another eight years for disobeying a previous order. In total Inmate B was sentenced 18 years of which he served 12 years (ONLY because a new law forced his release!)

Are you scratching your head yet wondering what the hell? How could Inmate A try to kill someone, with a proven long list of offenses, spend only 4 years in prison, yet Inmate B served 12 YEARS of his life for a drug offense??

The answer is simple.

Inmate A is a US citizen.

Inmate B is a citizen of Mexico that had come to the United States looking for a better life. His previous offense was that he was deported and he returned still hoping to make his dream.

This is OUR justice system. “We the people…” remember that?! This is Injustice in OUR Justice System.

What lesson is this teaching? Attempted murder is okay just don’t cross the border or you’re going down?!

Personally I think it is ridiculous that we are footing the bill for Inmate B to remain in prison, while violent criminals are released due to over-crowding!  Do we have anyone, without financial motives, in there managing any of this?  Why not?  It is ridiculous.
Shame on that judge! Shame on America for allowing such a ridiculous sentence!  Inmate B has been in prison for fourteen of the eighteen year sentence and he didn’t even try to hurt anyone! Inmate A tried to kill a woman!  He paid four years for it.  What in the world is going on here?!
I have personally apologized to Inmate B on behalf of the American people for this outrage!
I have since learned why Inmate B has been sentenced to further years, in which he will serve every last day of.  Besides a judge with a chip on his shoulder, illegal aliens command a higher price than American inmates.  Nearly double the amount is paid for an illegal alien than what is paid for a U.S. citizen.  Why? Who knows!  Why is attempted murder a slap on the wrist and crossing the border is a life sentence?!  This is just crazy lunacy!  And it’s happening everyday.  Right now, Inmate B is still in prison.  Right now, people are being sentenced to ridiculous prison terms just like this one.  Right now, we need to speak up wherever we can to put a stop to it when a ridiculous, wasteful, judgement that imprisons people (people! not Mexicans, not Americans, people!) are passed down.  Stop sitting idly by hoping someone else will take care of it. This is our America where Justice For All means something!

(I have to smirk when I hear one of our elected Judges proclaim, “blah, blah, blah, in MY COURTROOM.” When the hell did he/she elect himself judge? That’s OUR courtroom! Bought and paid for by American citizens, that seat doesn’t even belong to you! Sir! Take back our America….We The People!)

I won’t apologize American is not the great nation it once was. People believe we live in the land of the free, bull. We are FAR from Free here in America.

  • It’s against the law if I don’t want to wear a seat belt.
  • It’s against the law if I don’t want to wear a helmet.
  • I have to pay taxes so my government can embezzle money from the Federal and State Budgets.
  • I pay taxes so my government can feed people in other countries and let my fellow Americans go hungry.
  • It’s against the law if I want to put drugs in my body.
  • It was against the law to put the drug of alcohol in my body but that drug is legal now because WE the people caused such an upheavel the powers that be had no choice really.
  • Marijuana has proven to be a God send for cancer patience, but it’s against the law so officials are uprooting every plantation they can find.

Free my behind.

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