Distracted Driving

I should think that we all agree that distracted driving is a problem. Yet, we are guilty of it on more than one occasion.

It’s going to happen. Imagine you’re driving to pick up your child at an after school function and your cell phone rings…’s your child your heading to pick up.

For myself, all sorts of things run through my mind: She knows I’m on my way, so why is she calling? Did they change the meeting spot? Is she being bothered by someone? Is she injured? Within just a couple of rings that and more runs through my mind. Of course we’re going to answer the call, something could be wrong!

I know, I know, you use the hands free thing so you’re perfectly legal answering the call. Sure, the law says you can talk as long as you use the hands free option, but those few precious seconds when you’re looking where the phone is at, then hitting the answer button? Even if it is hooked up to the steering wheel there are a few seconds that you take your mind off of the road to answer the call.

Stopping Distance –

Speed Decision Distance Stop Distance

30 mph 30 ft. 45 ft.

40 mph 40 ft. 80 ft.

50 mph 50 ft. 125 ft.

60 mph 60 ft. 180 ft.

Now, imagine that same scenario, but now imagine you aim to touch the answer button, but suddenly an ad pops up! You end up hitting the ad instead and now the cell phone is heading off to the website that ad wants you to visit. So you start hitting the back button to get back to the ad in the first place so you can hit the X and close the ad. But where is the X?! It’s gotta be there somewhere, where the hell is it!! As you’re searching for the blacked out, faded X another ad pops up!!

The whole reason you picked up the phone was to answer what may be an urgent call from your child and now your playing Whack The Ad and Find The X driving at 55 mph maybe even 60 mph!! Now we’re looking at 10, 12 even 15 seconds of your eyes off of the road. Thank goodness it was only a phone call you were trying to answer because if it was a text message you were composing you wouldn’t have a chance.

Ads should never have been put on cell phones! Yeah, I know, everybody wants to make money with ads, but at the cost of human lives?? That’s just ridiculous. Cell phones are for phone calls and text messaging. It’s completely inappropriate to put advertisements on such a device.

Even if your just walking along the sidewalk and a call comes in you must stop to navigate and dodge your way through all of the ads that pop up! We have to draw the line somewhere with these advertisers.

No, we shouldn’t be answering calls and texting when we drive. But it’s going to happen sometimes. We do NOT need advertisements popping up on the screen when trying to do so!

How many times have you been driving when your cell phone rings, or chimes that a text message was received? Did you take a quick glance to see who had called? Did you answer the call or read the text message? I’d bet that 99.9% of the population that has a cell phone has done just that.

What’s Next – Associate Yourself

Have you been playing around with your website development like we talked about previously?

Promote Or Sell

At this point I would assume you have an idea of a niche you like and want to promote. You have three options at this point on how you want to manifest your idea:

  • Affiliate Marketing – Promote your niche product through a website (whether your own website or one you purchase through a website like Siteground). Remember with a website of your own you have the liberty of putting anything you please on it, but going through a website to create your website you will be restricted to the websites rules which can be fairly restrictive.
  • Skip the whole website thing and promote your niche product through avenues such as Facebook and Google ads. This option you only need an email address for the sign up process and the vendor to contact you with and bank account number to receive payments at.
  • Bulk Purchasing & Resell – Sell the tangible products or software through a website like Amazon or email address. This method works well if you have a product you make or for re-branding.

I have, and still use, the promoting of products through my website and I’ve done the tangible products route as well. I haven’t tried the selling of products using just an email only because I have always owned my own website.

Selling a Tangible Product

For a short time, before I launched my first website I did try selling a product in which I purchased in bulk. The product sold like hot cakes! I just happened to stumble on a top seller through Amazon and it sold well but I wasn’t seeing much of a profit. In hind-sight I should have had Amazon store my product and package it for me. That would have saved me a lot of work. Besides that fact I was paying through the nose for shipping. I have found with this method you really need to have people skills for negotiating things like shipping, or you will pay dearly. I would purchase the bulk product at what I feel was a good price, around $75 for case of twelve boxes. At $6.25 a box in which I could resell for $14 a box (In order to be competitive $14 brought in the sales). I would net $93 per case, and they sold fast. But, and this is a big but, I had a shipping charge of $75 that I could not negotiate down! I called the supplier a couple of times and really didn’t get anywhere with the shipping charges. And that was only shipping it to my house, I still had to ship it to the customer! So my overall take ended up being $18 per case to receive it and another $10 – $12 to ship it to customers. I could sell 2 cases a week leaving me with an income of just $32 a month. Not good. Plus all the work I did packaging and shipping.

If you’re good with words and can talk to sellers to negotiate your prices well than this option would be really good for you. If you’re not good at negotiating, like me, than it’s not such a good choice.

Affiliate Marketing

It didn’t take long to purchase my first website and start filling it with useful copy. By the time I was ready to launch it I was fed up with the tangible product avenue I had been using to fill the time until my websites were ready.

I launched the websites with nothing on them except my tutorials and advice. I transferred a lot of my work on Hubpages to my own websites. This way I had two avenues with my work out there. I chose the top earners from my Hubpages account to transfer first. On all of my Hubpage articles I added a “See also”, with my website name that pertained to the topic. I did the same with the article on my website; See also (my hubpage address).
Then I started associations with several of the affiliate programs out there. Several companies have taken advantage of the popularity of affiliate sales and have “warehoused” several affiliate programs to streamline the process. For the seller they can let the program deal with collecting information, presenting it to the affiliate, fielding affiliate questions and making affiliate payments. For the affiliate it’s a one stop shop to find affiliate programs and affiliates don’t have to deal with collecting payments, the program does all that.

There are some affiliate programs that still go through themselves, but from what I’ve noticed, most are using a the warehouse method.

There’s a difference between Best Affiliate Programs and Top Paying Affiliate Programs. Just because an Affiliate Program is the Best does not necessarily mean it pays the most. Do your homework. Check out these sites that are said to be the Best Affiliate Programs, they are all websites that have a warehouse of businesses offering affiliate programs, but not all are the same:

  • Peerfly – I have not personally tried this company yet.
  • ShareASale – This is one of the latest websites I signed onto. I enjoy their support. They are much more transparent than other programs I am associated with.
  • Wide Markets – I haven’t tried this company yet.
  • Rakuten – Not yet, but looking at it.
  • Cj by Conversant – I’ve been a member here since 2013. I stopped using it for a while and they turned my account off. When I went back recently they easily turned the same account back on, but I soon remembered why I had left and I am considering leaving again. This is a popularity contest. If your just starting out, no decent company is going to accept your request to put their product on your website unless you will make them money, now.
  • ClickBank – I actively use Clickbank ads on my website. I produce a huge turnover, or clicks (about 400 clicks a week) but the landing page of the client I’m advertising for doesn’t gain sign-ups. So, I’m trying different ideas to produce click throughs that sign up with the client.
  • Amazon Associates – I actively use this program. I like Amazon Associates because I do a lot of how-to articles that involve certain products that I use. I have inside knowledge of these specific products and Amazon lets me choose that exact item I used and put it right on my article. So if I write about hair bands that I use to braid my kids hair and I find them very gentle on kids hair I can find that hair band, write about it on my website and place an ad through Amazon right on the article so my readers can purchase that exact band right there.

In Closing

It’s time to get out there and start signing up for affiliate programs or negotiating with business for the product you want to sell.

For affiliate programs choose several and sign up. Test them out to see which ones you like. Some programs you have to ask to place their ads on your website, these will have many denials. Others you just click on the ads you want to promote and promote it. Done.

As to tangible products – Use the Amazon shipping program if this is the path you choose. You purchase the product, have it sent to you and then send it all to Amazon. They will warehouse your product and send it to purchasers for you. Amazon does NOT allow you to send the product directly to them anymore (called drop shipping) from what I hear. You must send it to them.

Jump Right In To Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Pie - Cut a slice of affiliate pie!

Check Out AZ Sniper!

If you feel you don’t want to write, or blog, or create copy, I get that. Some people aren’t writers. So, you need to look at other avenues for creating that passive income.

If it has so far eluded you there is a company that will teach you the in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing using Amazon. Amazon is the largest seller on the web. There’s no other platform that can out sell Amazon.

The AZ Sniper program will take you there! If anyone can show you how to make money being an affiliate with Amazon, these people can do it!

The Wall Has Funding – Say It Isn’t So

The Wall has funding – say it isn’t so. When President Trump first took office I was concerned. He’s a business man, not a politician, but I was ready to give him a fair crack at it. Who knows, Abraham Lincoln educated himself and look what great things he did.

When President Trump canceled the wasteful spending on a new Airforce One Jet I was thrilled. I thought, “Finally, someone that isn’t going to keep throwing our hard earned tax dollars in the trash!” But then the funds that were allotted for those jets never showed up anywhere else. Well, I’m sure they showed up some where. Some where that had nothing to do with the tax payers.

Now we have the debate over The Wall. It’s like America vs. President Trump. I don’t know anyone that is behind this whole Wall initiative. Somebody besides President Trump must be behind it, but I don’t know any of them.

When the budget committee submitted their proposed budget there was nothing in it for building any Wall as there shouldn’t be. President Trump wouldn’t sign the budget. He went as far as to allow the Government to go into shut down so that he could get his way.

Another budget was submitted this week (January 2019). This budget reflects over a billion US tax dollars for The Wall. President Trump will sign this budget. Where is this billion dollars exactly going to come from? Schools can’t afford basic programs. The homeless that need a home. Children that need clothing. If there is nothing available for these much needed issues, how will there be a billion dollars to waste on a Wall that a $10 ladder can get over?

Why does he want this wall so desperately when America has SO many deeper issues? My kids schools are cutting back on classes such as Drama, Band and after school sports. There are thousands of homeless people. Stockton alone has a village of homeless people. Build some housing for these people before thinking about building a wall! These people sleep outside in the middle of Winter with no food. Is a Wall more important?

If people from South America want to get into this Country, they will. Wall, or no Wall, they will get in.

I’m so disappointed in this whole issue. Will Americans always get fleeced by government officials? When will this government change? It’s past due, way past due! When I reported on the budget a few years ago allotting more money for embezzlement than for food stamps (I believe it was 13% for food stamps and 15% for embezzlement) I thought that would be the last straw. Thieves are allotted more money than people starving. But nothing changed. Nobody talks about it. That big, fat, smelly Elephant is right there in the middle of the room and everyone is ignoring it.

Somebody, anybody, say it isn’t so.

Advertising Lies! This is BS!

I’ve had enough of these advertising lies! This is a bunch of BS and I’ve had enough! Are any of you all seeing these pricing lies? You go to a website, type in what you’re looking for and the results page puts up a list of the product you’re looking for. Okay, that’s all good, but then when you click on the one you like according to your needs and the price looks good, suddenly the price changes!! The price is higher and sometimes the price is significantly higher!

These I just came across today. So, here we have an outdoor shade.

It’s listed as from $39.97 to $114.00. Good deal I think to myself, I click on it…

Where did the $39.97 go?? It was there a minute ago, but now it’s gone!!

Here’s another one, just came upon today…

Oooh, 25% off. Nice. Only $89.99. I’ll buy that…

BAM! I click on it and the $89.99 disappears! The ad is still there but the price is gone! It’s replaced with a bunch of different water heaters at over $200!! Where’s the $89 one that I wanted!!

I am soooo irritated with this new “clever” little trick these companies are playing that I don’t want to make purchases anymore online. I’d rather go into the store where I can grab the sales clerk and drag her to the item and say, “Look here, the price says this. The item rang up as this. Bull! I’m paying what you put up on the shelf here!”

Advertisers look!! This is wrong. Consumers are not stupid! You may get away with this once in a while but in the long run you’re going to screw yourself with disgruntled consumers like me!! Knock it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earn a Passive Income. Can You Do It?

Anyone can create a passive income, anyone. Although if you intend on creating an income stream that will support you and your family, now that will take some effort. It can be done, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s just going to happen because you want it to.

Educate yourself like you are doing here, right now. Read books, watch webinars, listen to what other entrepreneurs say and then decide if you should quit your day job.

Persistence – The bottom line is you must have persistence (Persistence = Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition).

You know yourself better than anyone else.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1.   Do I follow through until I finish a project completely?
  2. Do I have a good handle on the English language?
  3. Can I construct sentences that are easy to understand and interesting to read?
  4.   When I am faced with an obstacle do I avoid it, or do I pursue it until solved?
  5.   If I don’t know how to do something, do I learn it, or chalk it up to something I just don’t know how to do?

If your answer to any one of the questions posed are that of lackluster, then I would advise you keep your day job!  Every one of the questions above lay heavy on a person creating a passive income. You have to be able to write interesting, compelling, above average copy.

You have to be persistent and able to persevere when others tell you forget it, or something you post doesn’t fly well with others. And especially when three months, four months and five months pass and only nickels and dimes are trickling in. Because, you know what, month six, those trickles may turn into pay dirt and you gotta stick with it to find out!

Once you are set up with a website or an online storefront then, and only then, can you relax and start enjoying the benefits of your work, but its not over. You still have work ahead. Let’s start from the start, passive income has specific steps that need to be taken.

  1. Determine where you have the most strength in a skill, or the skill you have the most passion for.  Start honing those skills.  Shit-Head enjoys writing and found a natural talent for correct spelling and sentence structuring.  Writing became the pursuit.
  2. Apply your skill to either a website, or, better yet, start up your own website.
  3. Put your skills out their.  If you build it, they will come!  True, true!  You may think who is going to come to my little website in the vast sea of the internet?  All I can say it, they will.  It will begin as a trickle.  If your content is good and helpful, the trickle will turn into a stream and then into a pour!
  4. Apply any or several of the advertising, selling or affiliating methods.
  5. You are now passive, but it doesn’t end there!  You MUST keep up the content.  Not like nose to the grindstone, but at the very least once-a-week offer a new article or information.

Amazon is ranking high as an income producing avenue.  They always have been a good choice for affiliate advertising.  There is a program HERE  that is focused on this stream of income.  They can help you maximize your Amazon commission and it offers a money back guarantee!

Regularly attending to your source of passive income is key to making it work.  If your subscribers come back and it’s the same old stuff as last week, last month or even last year, they will go away, fast!  You’re offering them nothing, can you blame them?

Instead regularly update and add to your content.  You will enjoy passive income for as long as you like.

Poem For The Estranged Daughter

When I was raising my children advice and cautions, on what to do right did abound. Every book that I read had different advice. I’d ask my friends what’s their strategy, but again, everyone had a different theory.

I felt very strongly about some things I saw. Letting children “act out their feelings” was really wrong. Learning to accept loss with respect, is what I would expect.

Instead, shaking your opponents hand at the end and saying, “Good job” was not on the menu. Rather to exclaim, “I was robbed!” and start a squabble. Giving awards, even to the losers, was confusing to me, let alone the others.

I knew back then, like I know today, raising children in that manner wouldn’t pay. As parents we need to instill respect. You lost the game, keep your feelings in check! Maybe, try, making friends. Then you can learn how he/she came to win. It’s not the end of the world if you lose. Congratulate the winner, he/she tried too. Tried so hard he/she won, “Good Job!”

But, no, that’s not how it was done. If they didn’t win, then the whole thing was no fun. The loser expected to receive honors. If they lost, they didn’t settle, not until they too, got a metal.

I see the results of raising kids this way. Just look at President Trump and all the spoiled children complaining, “No way”. It appears our daughters are the ones making the biggest fuss, so this poem is to daughters who we may have screwed up.

You Are My Daughter

You are my daughter; it is plain to see.
All blue eyes, and blonde hair; just like me.
Your daddy is in there too; but he has dark hair;  unlike me and you.

It was I alone who raised you; make no mistake.
I take the blame for all of your hate; I should have taught you, but now it's too late.
I raised you as best that I knew how;  hugs and kisses, did I bestow.
Fun and games, vacations too; but lessons of discipline and to learn respect I admit were few.
Today, I rue, I must pay for my mistakes; why didn't I ever give you a few spanks?
A few spanks might have taught you to hold your tongue;
especially when you're talking to your mom.
I let you run all over me all of the time;  You took everything, you took me, I should have drawn a line.
You bicker, you moan, you speak words afoul; oh Dear Lord, I messed up on her somehow!
You've traded me in for your latest boyfriend; but you always want me back when they come to an end.
We were very close at one time; so close that I couldn't see into my own mind; I was sure there was nothing that might separate yours from mine.

The line that should be between yours and mine;
the line that says, "Show respect all the time."
Now you're out in the world with your words and your hate;
I beg the Dear Lord that you wake up someday.
I pray you wake up to recover;
a closeness we had like no other.
I won't hold my breath; it could be a very long time before you ever realize;  My love for you is divine.