Am I Ready To Launch A Website?

Here we are.  We are going over the steps I took to create a comfortable passive income.

Thus far, I’m writing on hubpages, and I have completed the apprentice program.  My next thought is when will I be ready? And ready for what exactly?

I knew I needed to learn how to capture the attention of my readers and provide them with something of value that is written well. So, I completed that first task.

I thought, for me, launching my own website would be my next step.  I had the tools to write interesting articles and reviews, or at least I thought I did.  But how do I know I’m ready for the big league? When are you ready to procure your own website and share your new-found, stellar, writing skills?

Here, again, my hubpages account helped me out.  Each hubpage account has an in-depth matrix for each article that has been written. This is a perfect place to see how you are doing. It would only be expected that you should want to keep tabs on the articles you own, and hubpages has it covered!

Checking my articles, everyday, editing them with new information, checking for any errors that may have been missed, became a ritual for me. I figured I could gauge my readiness to strike out on my own, by my readers.  Of course, when you first start writing, nobody knows you, but after a month or so, your name should start getting around and people will start reading your stuff, if it is really good!

Here’s how you check who’s reading, where and what the score of the article is:

When you are logged into your  hubpages account you will find several tabs for you to explore your account. I always head straight for the Statistics:

  • Statistics
    • Here will list the articles you’ve written along with readership in one day, 7 days, 30 days, and all time, each scored respectively, number of comments,  when the hub (article) was written, when it was last changed, the status of it and whether it’s featured (This is what you want, featured. It means your article caught hubpages eye as outstanding so they are promoting it for you).
  • There are several icons employed as well to let you know if your article has been marked as copied, whether traffic to it is going up, or down, if links are not working in it, etc.
  • Click on the name of one of your articles.
    • You are taken to the article itself.  This is where you can get detailed information on it.
  • Click on Stats at the top of your article and a window comes up with four tabs.
    • First is an overview of the views again, by day, week, month and total.
    • Second is the word count, incoming links, view duration, and the date it was first published by you.
    • Third is a short URL you can copy and paste into your website (More on that later).
    • Last, but certainly not lease! Is a nifty graph of the articles performance!
  • The next tab is Referrers.  Click on this tab.
    • Lists of who exactly referred people to your hub each day, week, month or total!
  • The next tab is Countries.
    • You can see where your readers are coming from by the day, week, month and total.  IE: United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, etc.  This can be a very handy insight as to who is interested in your writing and where they are from.  You can hone your writing towards the highest attracting numbers, or go for the long tail and write for the readers with the smallest audience.
  • Then we have the epitome of all information, the Search Phrases tab. Click on this tab.
    • It reveals to you what your readers typed into a search engine to find your article.  The search terms are broken down into sections by search engine utilized.  I find this to be super handy!  You can see exactly what your readers are looking for!

There are many other options and tabs on hubpages, but for now, the statistics reports is what I wanted to go over with you.  As you can see these statistics can give you a very good idea of where your writing abilities stand!  These statistics coupled with my hubpages score (The number presented on your profile picture) I am able to determine where I am, or was, at that time.

All the while when I was spending time perfecting my writing skills, taking photo’s for my articles and studying my statistics, the passive income was going up, up and up!

When I found I was gaining readership, my hub score was in the high 90’s (Telling me my writing is on the mark) I felt I was ready to step up to website ownership!  My statistics told me I was ready to take the next step, and so I did.

I bought my first domain!



Originally posted 2018-02-21 06:35:25.