Seasons Of My Estranged Child

The yellow rose: Joy, Wisdom and Power
As these beautiful seasons change,
The fact still remains,
That you insist we are estranged.

Autumn drapes me in beautiful color,
My tears fall like no other.

Winter takes me by a cold command,
I wish you were here, I don't understand.

Spring leaps forth with life anew,
Lord help me, I'm still thinking of you.

Summer soaks me in sunshine warm and bright,
It's time I let go, I will start tonight.

As the seasons change so will I,
It's far past time I stop living your lie.

Autumn splashes my world full of colors as the leaves float down,
I will go for a nice walk around my town.

Winter with all your hail and storm,
It's high time for my reform!

Spring entertains new growth and life anew!
I will take this joy and embrace it through and through.

Summer bring your warmth and skies so blue,
I have forgiven myself, and I forgive you too.

Originally posted 2019-05-28 18:23:47.