Shit-Head Card Game

The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards. The person left holding cards at the end is the designated Shit Head!

The Shit Head card game is also known as Karma, Palace, Shed and Three’s.

You’ll need a deck of cards to play. Two decks make it more interesting. Shuffle up the cards. If using two decks shuffle them up good.

Without looking at the cards, deal out nine cards to each player. Six of these cards are to be face down in three piles in front of each player. The remaining three can be looked at and are held in the players hand. Set the rest of the cards to the side as a draw pile.

Every player must hold three (3) cards in his hand at all times by drawing from the draw deck when ever he has less than three (3) cards.

Two’s are wild, so you can play them on any card. The next player can play any card on top of the two.

Start Play

The first player to put down a three (3) into the play pile starts the game. If none of the players have a three (3) then whom ever has the next highest card, four (4), puts it down and the game is begun.

A player can put down more than one card if he so chooses if they are in sequence.

In a clockwise direction the next player chooses a card, out of the three (3) in his hand, and puts down a card of equal, or greater, value, or a wild two (2) card, than the top card on the play pile. Then, the next player does the same and the next player and the next player, well you get the idea.

If a player does not have a card of equal, or greater, value, or a wild two (2) card to play, he must pick up the whole play pile. His turn is then over and the next player puts down a card.

Burn The Pile

To burn the pile means to remove all the cards in the play pile from the game. To burn the pile a sequence of 4 cards of the same denomination must be played at once. IE: 4 of hearts, 4 of clubs, 4 of diamonds and a 4 of spades in one turn.
A second player can burn the pile if the player before him puts down three cards of the same denomination and they hold the fifth card, they can play it on the other three and call the burn.
After a player burns the pile they must play a card before their turn is over.

Ending The Game

After a player has played all of the cards in his hand he now turns to the cards in the three piles in front of him. He turns a card face up in the first pile and plays the card. Then, he turns over the top card in the second pile and then the third pile. After he plays these top cards he plays the one’s face down, one at a time. He is not to turn over all of the cards at any time.
If he cannot play a card of equal or greater value than the one the last player played he must pick up the entire play pile. He must play through these cards before going back to his face down piles in front of him.
Game ends when there are no more cards in a players hands and his three piles have been played. The final player in the game is the “shit head”.

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