The Story Behind Shit-Head

The story behind Shit-Head is a personal one, but one that I believe many people have either experienced, or want to experience.  Someone hating me because I don’t go to a regular nine-to-five job, yet I have a great income. 

It all came about back in late 2014.  My daughter was dating a young man, we’ll call him….I don’t know, how about shit-head.

Don’t let the name confuse you, I like the boy, really, I do, but he’s a shit-head.

Like I was saying, my daughter had started dating this boy, and about six months into their relationship I decided to go to see Bands On The Beach.  I asked my daughter to go, knowing full well that she would want her boyfriend to go.  My motto is “The more the merrier” so I told her to bring him along as well.  So, off we went.  It was an all expense paid vacation for my daughter and her boyfriend.  At the time it didn’t cross my mind to foot the bill.  It wasn’t a problem at all, so it didn’t cross my mind, until later.

We had a good time.  We went to the boardwalk, ate dinner out on the wharf, I found a nice hotel for us (There was two double beds, we all slept on just one, me right in the middle of them), in the morning we had breakfast and stopped for burgers on the way home.  It was nice.  Shit-head had a nice time too.  I know he did because I have the pictures to prove it! 🙂

Anyways, about two weeks later, my daughter and I had a squabble about something or other and I ended up looking at her text messages.  I learned that her boyfriend, Shit-head, had been referring to me as a B***h ever since our little vacation!  When I asked her what the heck?  She told me he hates me.  Shit-head had asked her,”Why doesn’t your mother work?  Is she on welfare or something?  And, “How does she have so much money?”

I hadn’t done, or said, anything offensive to him, he just hated me because when we were lounging on the beach, enjoying the concert, I was earning money.  When we were sleeping in our nice hotel room, I was earning money.  When we were enjoying breakfast, I was earning money.  He didn’t know this at the time, at the time, he assumed that since I had children, I was a woman and I wasn’t going off to a regular nine-to-five job everyday, then I must be collecting welfare!  His opinion of me started off poorly because of his belief system.  Then, when my daughter told him I was not on welfare, by any means, and I earned money online, that just put him through the roof.  My daughter told him, “She writes online and has websites.” He wailed in response, “My dad works his arse off all day long to make a living and your mother writes on websites!”  Apparently shit-head was unaware of the lucrative business the internet provides.  I don’t know if his father is aware of the potential income through the internet.  He is an adult, he should know something about making money other than going to work for someone else everyday.  But it was construed that I was mean and a b***h because I was making more money than his father by doing what appeared as nothing, while his father went to work everyday.  His father chose to go to work at a brick-n-mortar, I chose to hit the internet.  Does that make me a bad gal? Of course not!

Whether his choice was out of ignorance, I don’t know, but I aim to bridge any gap that may be claimed as a creek that cannot be crossed because of the ignorance running through it.

After learning how shit-head felt, I thought, what if I start another website just for showing others how I earn money online.  Make a step-by-step website outlining what I have done to get where I am now!

Well, shit-head, the boy, is gone, but was born!

I would like to show you how to perfect the nine-to-five to your liking so you can have all the choices, not only some of the choices, and create your own revenue stream!

Originally posted 2018-01-05 06:44:05.