The Fine Art Of The 9 to 5

9 to 5

Who needs it?  I’ve been working on the fine art of the 9 to 5 since 2012 when I started my first website, and passive income.

Creating your own website, especially in the earlier years, was not an easy task.  Now, in just six years, the market for website creation has exploded!  You can find books everywhere that will teach you how to make a website. Literally every where.

This article isn’t about creating a website.  This is about the fine art of 9 to 5.  I say the fine art because if you intend to make a living through online marketing (IE: affliate programs, product sales, etc.) you need to discipline yourself.  There won’t be a punch card for you to check in and check out everyday.  There won’t be boss staring at your vacant chair when your late.

You are your boss now.  As such you need to conduct yourself in a manner fitting to your position.  Consider some of these do’s and don’t(s) as the boss:


  • Toss the alarm clock.  Get up when your brain says you’ve had enough sleep not when your alarm clock tells you. (This and the next do go hand in hand)
  • Get up at a responsible time.  Sleeping until noon will only cause you to miss a bunch of things your competitor, the early bird, was up doing.
  • Do set a time that you will sit down and focus on your marketing strategies, updating and adding content to your sites or whichever platform you choose.
  • Set appointments and events as you wish, but make sure you have your bases covered with your marketing income.


  • Believe for a minute all is well so you’ll wait to check your sites until next week!  YOU are the boss.  The bottom line is what you are doing or not doing, so do it.
  • Get lazy.  It’s easy to do if you don’t have a preset structure for each day.  My structure is up by 6am (I’m your competitive early bird), take kids to school, home by 7:30, grab some breakfast, hit my home office by 9am. Work until noon on marketing sites and latest ventures.  Use the after for running errands.  Pick up kids, dinner and done.  Of course some days I’ll work on my websites and run into 1, 2 or 3 in the afternoon, but that’s why I have the errands in the afternoon just in case I run over time I’m not taking time out from something more important usually.
  • Don’t spend money until you are certain you will gain from the program or purchase as much, or more, as they are asking you to put into it monetarily.

Originally posted 2018-12-13 23:50:49.