The Wall Has Funding – Say It Isn’t So

The Wall has funding – say it isn’t so. When President Trump first took office I was concerned. He’s a business man, not a politician, but I was ready to give him a fair crack at it. Who knows, Abraham Lincoln educated himself and look what great things he did.

When President Trump canceled the wasteful spending on a new Airforce One Jet I was thrilled. I thought, “Finally, someone that isn’t going to keep throwing our hard earned tax dollars in the trash!” But then the funds that were allotted for those jets never showed up anywhere else. Well, I’m sure they showed up some where. Some where that had nothing to do with the tax payers.

Now we have the debate over The Wall. It’s like America vs. President Trump. I don’t know anyone that is behind this whole Wall initiative. Somebody besides President Trump must be behind it, but I don’t know any of them.

When the budget committee submitted their proposed budget there was nothing in it for building any Wall as there shouldn’t be. President Trump wouldn’t sign the budget. He went as far as to allow the Government to go into shut down so that he could get his way.

Another budget was submitted this week (January 2019). This budget reflects over a billion US tax dollars for The Wall. President Trump will sign this budget. Where is this billion dollars exactly going to come from? Schools can’t afford basic programs. The homeless that need a home. Children that need clothing. If there is nothing available for these much needed issues, how will there be a billion dollars to waste on a Wall that a $10 ladder can get over?

Why does he want this wall so desperately when America has SO many deeper issues? My kids schools are cutting back on classes such as Drama, Band and after school sports. There are thousands of homeless people. Stockton alone has a village of homeless people. Build some housing for these people before thinking about building a wall! These people sleep outside in the middle of Winter with no food. Is a Wall more important?

If people from South America want to get into this Country, they will. Wall, or no Wall, they will get in.

I’m so disappointed in this whole issue. Will Americans always get fleeced by government officials? When will this government change? It’s past due, way past due! When I reported on the budget a few years ago allotting more money for embezzlement than for food stamps (I believe it was 13% for food stamps and 15% for embezzlement) I thought that would be the last straw. Thieves are allotted more money than people starving. But nothing changed. Nobody talks about it. That big, fat, smelly Elephant is right there in the middle of the room and everyone is ignoring it.

Somebody, anybody, say it isn’t so.

Originally posted 2019-01-28 05:44:59.