Venture Into The Sea Of The Internet

This is the meandering avenue I followed to self-employment, passive income, and earn the envy of shit-heads (one in particular to my story).  To save you from following dead ends, I am relating to you how I arrived at the gates, then passed through, of passive income.

I was concerned about venturing into the sea of the internet, with all the hope it holds and perilous adventure, but it was my time to catch a wave. If you have been following along, this is when I started my own website.

The idea of earning a living online is absolutely true. It can be done, I am proof of that.  It will take more time from you than money.  Yes, more time than money.  You could switch that around to more money than time, but I don’t know a whole lot of entrepreneurs that have a bucket of cash to pour out everywhere.

You may have already launched your own website.  If you have then this article will be pointless for you.  This article will be focused on the person without a website yet.

You don’t have to have your own website.  Down the road, when you get into marketing further, you will more than likely end up getting one.

First do you know how to make a website?  I was clueless about the dynamics of website development.  I had plenty of idea’s for content, but how do I get my ideas onto the world-wide web.  I looked into an online course to learn how it all works. is a free educational website.  They provide an array of video tutorials ranging from lifestyle, to humanity, to internet.  I studied a course about starting a website.  The Alison link above will take you directly to the marketing page on Alison.

I took a couple of the courses.  Some take an hour or two to complete and others can take a week, so know your time frame and choose carefully.  After you’ve completed the course you can purchase a certificate if you feel like it, but there’s no obligation.

One of the courses took me step-by-step of creating a website.  The video suggested Kompozer as the platform.  Kompozer is super user-friendly, and it’s FREE!  After downloading it I played around with all the gadgets it offered for a couple of weeks.  Tweaking this, adding that, then uploading through the FTP server.  There are tons of blogs available explaining how to use an FTP server, so I won’t clog up the internet with another one.  It’s basically a program you download, like Filezilla is a popular one, and you upload your work to it.  Then, your work is on the web.

Learning Kompozer was super helpful for me.  I learned a lot about how webpages work and layout.  The power of the internet right there in the palm of your hand, wow!  Kompozer is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) program.  Meaning, what you put on the work area is exactly what you’re going to see on the internet.  It is very easy to manipulate your work area, and there are plenty of tutorials if you get stuck.

The following tutorial is really good!  It shows you everything from downloading Kompozer to setting up a website.  It’s straight forward, not a bunch of talk while you watch the presenter do a hand-show.  He gets right into it.  At the end of a section the presenter says there will be tutorials to follow goodbye, but don’t close the video because this tutorial is all of the steps put into one. So just wait a second and the video continues into the next part.

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