Have you heard of a webinar?  They aren’t new by any means.  They can be a great source of information, and some offer affiliate association!

For those of you that haven’t heard of a webinar, it’s merely a seminar presented through the internet.  They’re pretty cool, if you attend the right one.

I’ve attended a few webinars.  I have my notepad at the ready, pen in hand, just anticipating all the great tips and tricks I was going to learn!  After an hour and a half I still have the notepad void of any notes, and a pen leaking ink from lack of use.

On the other hand, I’ve participated in a webinar that I didn’t have enough sheets of paper for all of my notes!  My pen ran dry and I had to scramble for a replacement!  This is the kind of webinar you want to land in.  Time well spent. A good webinar can really set the mood to get things rolling.

I have gone over the methods I employed to get to where I am with my passive income.  Writing being one of the major avenues I pursued.  I followed that with launching my own websites.  I looked into webinars to get that one-on-one that you just don’t get from reading a webpage or blog.  I looked for topics that applied to my approach of multiple avenues of passive income.

THE SUPER AFFILIATE SYSTEM is one of the type of webinars I would seek out.

Usually, when you find a webinar that has piqued your interest, like the link mentioned above,  you sign up.  Either the link takes you straight to the sign up page (again, like the above link) or to the producers website.  There you would sign up.  I’ve received an email that contained a link to the sign up page as well.  However you get there, you have to sign up for the webinar.  Some fill up quickly and you can’t get in.  Some never fill up at all.

On the day and time of the webinar an email usually arrives with a link to the portal.  Once you click on it you may need to download a small app, usually supplied in the opening, to run the webinar on your computer.

Once your in there is sometimes an options window to style the webinar as you like.  A chat window to the side along with a list of who else is attending the webinar.  Usually the voice is turned off by the producer.  It’s better that way.  If the voice isn’t turned off you will hear people coughing, dogs barking in the background, kids crying, it’s just better they turned it off.

A time will be set for the webinar.  Before it starts get yourself set up with a pen or pencil, a pad of paper and something to drink.  You don’t want to have to get up and get something in the middle of the webinar.  You might miss something important!

If you attend a few webinars you will naturally pick up on which speakers you enjoy and which was are just a bunch of hot air wasting your time.

I have attended a couple of webinars that are free.  The one below is hosted by Brian Tracy.  A popular speaker that covers your writing skills.   If you’re interested in learning better writing skills, like the idea of a free webinar and want to check out what they are all about.

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