Writers Don’t Despair!

If you’ve taken up writing as I did, writers don’t despair!

I’ve been gone for a few weeks, first moving, then spent some hospital time for my back, and I had a lot of time to think about some things I’ve heard from new writers.

One question I hear more often than any other from writers is:  “What would be a great topic?  What will draw readers to my words?”  The answer to that….I don’t know.  Generally, topics about money, and how to invest it wisely, are popular, especially if your content honestly can help.  If you have unique and insightful information that your readers can apply immediately you will draw readers.  Another hot topic is self-help, or self-improvement.  People are always looking to improve themselves.  But in all honesty, you never can tell which article will be a hot topic, and which one will sink to the bottom of the writers pool.

A very interesting phenomenon I have experienced is the delayed reaction on an article. Explained below with its graph.

The main website I write on, Hubpages, provides information on each of your articles. They offer a tab called Stats.  This is where you can find out how well a particular article is doing, where your readers are coming from, how many people have read it and how often.  It also provides a nifty graph of the tallied information!

The typical article I had imagined, because websites that sell books claim this, is an article will be published, gain its maximum amount of readership within the next six months, then peter out from then on.  But according to the stats on my over one-hundred articles, this does not happen, at least not with articles written on the web. Maybe books are different, slightly, but I can’t imagine by much.

This first graph is what I imagined would be par for the course for articles I write and publish. It gains immediate readership, yet, unlike books, it does not peter out.  As a matter of fact the readership increases!


Here’s another graph.  This article started to gain readership, then petered out for about a year, then took off like a shot up to 2,030 readers a month!


This last graph is the most interesting to me.  The delayed reaction! It does exactly the opposite of what I’ve been told to believe.  Keep in mind these are articles on separate topics.  You can use the short url to look them up if that is of interest to you.  Pay attention to the timeline on this last graph.

This is currently my number one read article.  I published it back in 2012!  5,436 people read it each month, 1,555 each week and 283 people per day!  But look how it started out.  I thought it was a dud!  For several years it sat at the bottom of the pool, nobody was reading it, I mean nobody. I chalked it up to a loss, but I continued writing.  Then, in 2017, FIVE YEARS later, BAM!  It took off from zero to 150 readers a day! It hasn’t stopped climbing ever since!  Like I said, its my current highest earning article!

This is NOT uncommon.  Well, a huge jump like that is somewhat uncommon, but it happens.  I’m just a writer like you. Putting my words on the internet as best I can and trying to provide useful information. Your work will experience these stats as well.  Give it time.  I went through that period of wringing my hands, “Oh, what do I write about? What do people want to hear?”  Then write an article and  nobody reads it.

Writers….don’t despair and give up writing!  What appears to be a dud at first, may be a jewel in the sand just waiting for the right people to read it, appreciate the content and recommend it to others and Bam! you could very well have several articles with graphs that shoot up to the top!

Originally posted 2018-09-13 00:20:29.