Your Business & Your Budget (Or Lack There Of)

As I said in previous posts, my intention here is to help you get your business rolling and tell/show you what I did to become successful myself.

I have also talked about how I started out without a penny to spare. SO many businesses IE: business plug-ins and various business apps, have their hand out for your money it can seem impossible, for anyone, without a large sum of money set aside, to start an online business! You have the cost of a domain, the cost of a host for your domain, an email program to deal with email, apps you may want to put on your website and the cost of placing ads to get your domain name out there. It’s just overwhelming.

I found a way through some of the more important money-grubbers like a phone service!

After you have doled out most of your savings to launch a website, now you need a method for people to easily contact you, right. If you contact your local landline phone company or cellular service, your looking at another $100 bill to set up and maintain a phone service! You don’t want to give out your personal home phone number or cellular number.

Now-a-days providing your phone number isn’t enough for the various products and online services a business needs. These services found that people were providing false phone numbers to avoid giving out their real phone number. These services didn’t like that. They want a phone number from you that they can try to sell you more products through, or sell it to someone else that will abuse your number.

To ensure you have provided a “real” phone number they text you to verify that the phone number really works and it is yours before they will let you access the product you need.

Your phone number is not sacred to any of these entities, it’s money in their eyes. Your phone number will be sold to the highest bidder. Now you’ll be getting calls from every Tom, Dick and Harry with something to sell!

Personally, I didn’t/don’t want to give out my phone number to anyone that might sell it or share it. I don’t want advertisers calling me! I get enough ads from the internet, my email, the slide-in ads on my laptop, television and driving down the road. I certainly don’t need them calling me as well!!

So how do I get around this without forking out MORE money for a business phone number?

The answer is . I checked out this service that is offered by Google and was very impressed! You will need to get a Gmail account to sign-up I believe. It’s free to get a gmail account, so why not!

What I did was put my business into gmail all the way around. Google is all about business, successful business, and they are the only entity I have ever come across that actually helps a business person launch and maintain a business. Once you have a gmail account many, many, many, services open up to you through Google. When Googles algorithms recognize you as a serious business person they provide more and more business assistance through the products you use with them. For example: I have a business profile on Google and they send me optimization reports, I have analytics with Google and they have full reports on my websites, etc. All totally FREE.

Excuse me I digress when a subject excites me. Back to the business phone… You can create and send text messages and phone calls that go through Google. You can also select to have a phone number. It is all FREE!

You have the option to select a phone number for yourself. You just select any city and they offer up several phone numbers. This is really nice because you can select any city you wish and select the phone number you like best. When you select a phone number, it’s yours, just like a regular telephone. You can:

  • Make phone calls and the phone number will be displayed.
  • Register the phone number as your business phone so it will display your business name with the phone number.
  • You can receive phone calls with this phone number.
  • If you’re not online when the phone call comes through it will go to a voicemail. When you access the site again it will have a notation on the left side of the screen by the voicemail icon of how many voicemails you have.
  • The voicemail is also transcribed into text message format as well so you don’t have to call the voicemail (by clicking on the icon) you can just read it under the text message icon! There voice recognition system is very accurate.
  • When you fill out the various forms online for your business you can use this phone number to verify your account.
  • When any entity text messages you to verify your account the text message arrives at your page and you can enter the code as needed. As a matter of fact one time I used a pay-per-minute phone number and it wouldn’t verify. The website kept saying “Please use a valid phone number”. I put in my Google number and it went through just fine!
  • You can select to have phone calls and text messages from your Google number forwarded to your personal phone for convenience!!
  • If you don’t select a phone number when you make calls it will show an 888 number as the number your calling from and people can call it back while you’re online but as soon as you’re offline the number is of no use.
  • Get this – You can even export the phone number if you so wish to another service provider!! How cool is that?! But beware if you export the number to another business you will have to pay any service charges the other company may impose.

The other things I jumped on was Google Business, Yelp and Yellow Pages. These are similar to the good old Yellow Pages Directory of days gone by, but these are directories that are online and they are totally Free.

There is an option to have your business “boosted” through these websites, for a price. They will guarantee so many views to your business for so much money. I have yet to need such boosting.

Google Business has out paced Yelp and Yellow Pages as to business referrals. But the more free website exposure you can get the better!

Google business has provided the most helpful business information for free to me. As I mentioned above, Google sends a full report to your gmail about how your page is doing. Below is a copy of my actual business profile contained in the Google report for one of my businesses. I marked out my business information to avoid games people play with information.

The 11 calls to my business, those are my number that is forwarded to my phone!

As you can see advertising by the giant Google and a business phone line are both taken care of by these free and reliable services. This is exactly what an entrepreneur on a limited budget needs!

(I will receive nothing for recommending these products listed above. I have no affiliation with Google, Yelp or Yellow Pages in any way shape or form. This is just me sharing what worked for me, to you. Simple advice for nothing. See you can get some things for free!(

Originally posted 2019-05-16 04:48:23.