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We post so much about how to create interesting, competitive content and the importance of using proper English (or proper any language) but we haven’t gone over keeping on top of your work and website or blog. It was brought to my attention when I came across a deal on Amazon I am taking advantage of and it dawned on my, “My readers could use this too!” Here’s the deal and why I use it!

New Sister Sites – With Personalities of their very own!

She’s My Mechanic – Vehicle and Jet Ski troubleshooting, repair and information.

All Of My Recipes – Homemade, Homespun, Home Cooked recipes! Hand Picked Weight Loss Programs for people that like to cook but want to lose weight as well!

Start Your Passive Income

Make your dream come true with a passive income.  True strategies that work!


When our kids get it in their head that they don’t need their parents anymore.

Parents Acting Poorly

It’s not easy being a parent.  Read what parents have done and vote on what you think about it.

Horse How To

Horse How To’s Is Now Stabled At: